America's favorite food obsession — the burger — gets top billing at this longstanding institution in Denver. Between the sock hop music and old-fashioned sodas and shakes, take some time to order a burger. The meat is loosely ground, perfectly cooked, fresh, and pure, but that’s not a surprise considering the owner is one of America’s great butchers. Why, yes, a cool lunch spot in Nebraska offering fries with dragon sauce and crushed fortune cookies sprinkled on top also manages to serve up one of the most balanced and well-composed burgers in the Midwest, assuming Nebraska is considered the Midwest. It is intense and delightful all at once, much like my experience of going back to Dallas. Bravo, Josh. These top-rated burger recipes are inspired by the taste of a place -- from Seattle to New York, California to Georgia, the Southwest to the Midwest, they feature local flavors in 5-star fashion. Open 24/7, Whataburger is always there to serve you up a yummy burger. I have thought of a variety of ways to describe it, but the best I could do is relate the fact that -- when I turned to my left and my right -- the other 11 people sat in perfect eery silence, essentially in prayer to one of the most perfect burgers in the country.". I was sick of having to rely on other people's opinions as to the greatest burger in America and I wanted to figure it out myself. The Remedy Cheeseburger is the best parts of the Big Mac, upgraded, without a second patty or a catchy song. My longtime colleague Andy Kryza recommended I go straight from the airport to Stanich's, and told me he'd pick me up there, so I rolled in around 11am just as things were getting going. And so I pitched an idea I never thought my editor (or his bosses) would approve -- but when they did, and I set off, this somewhat simple exploration of our nation's best burgers morphed into something much more complex. Be like my dad in all ways and go here. It's a classic, topped with cheese and your choice of other toppings, served on a toasted bun. Sign up here for our daily Thrillist email and subscribe here for our YouTube channel to get your fix of the best in food/drink/fun. But the "All-American" at WesBurger is a lot. Each burger comes with your basic toppings like lettuce, mustard, mayo and onion—but the secret’s in the sauce, the Original Judice Sauce, that is. This is still the only place in America where I've ever had sunchoke relish on a burger. And I have to say, I was so, so relieved by how damn good a White Hut cheeseburg still is. I'm stunned too. The Brindle Room, a popular comfort food gastropub over in Manhattan’s East Village, offers one of the country's best burgers in the form of the Steakhouse Burger. The Happiest Burgers' "double patties Voltron themselves together via the American cheese and meld in with the confit onions, pickles, and sauce to basically create a stronger, more handsome burger. And then imagine biting into that burger and having all of the alarms in your head go off simultaneously, as you realize that -- not only is this the best burger in Chicago -- but it just might be one of the best burgers in the country. It's super cheap, super quick, and has a super yummy menu – especially when it comes to the restaurant's butter burgers. With the chain's menu of fries, hand-dipped shakes, and burgers, it's no wonder the restaurant has thrived over the years. Who knew that a place known for making delicious lobster rolls also makes a damn delicious burger? ANSWER THE QUESTION IN THE COMMENTS. Located in Salt Lake City — known for its great skiing — Lucky 13 is home to some of the best burgers in Utah. Not having Brindle Room in the top 10 in America is going to cause some problems at work, because, as I point out in the review, "Brindle Room is far and away the favorite burger place of the Thrillist Editorial staff. In an effort not to overheat your phone or Power Mac G4 Quicksilver, most of these write-ups are short, with links to the longer versions in each city. If you get to this burger joint in Nashville after 11:30am, you will wait in line by a wall of haunting Mr. Not only does Launderette make the best burger in Austin, but they also have birthday cake ice cream sandwiches, which just might be the best dessert in the entire damn country. Americans eat nearly 50 billion burgers every year. One of the best fancy burgers in the city of cramped calves and giant hills can only be ordered at the bar of this fancy neighborhood haunt. And yet, somehow, the best part of this place is still the actual burger. But hell, by the time you get there, at least they'll have come to expect it. More proof that the best burgers don’t have to just be in the big cities. It's just my natural contrarian tendencies to want to go against popular opinion. ", I snuck over to Raoul's at 5:05pm on a Wednesday, and just barely got the last seat at the bar. Return of the Mack (oh my God) From my OKC review: "Nic sits behind the grill, a giant, genial, patient but determined man, and cooks everything up in waves. I've written long essays about what the Hut means to me and my family. Their steak burgers are always grilled fresh and made-to-order. This is a burger that became a popularity monster, receiving accolades both local and national, and driving those who worked in its kitchen slightly insane, because, inevitably, everyone ordered the damn burger. Most places in Nebraska overcooked their burgers, but Dario's is not most places in Nebraska. That email doesn't look right. Some are simple, some are elaborate, all are delicious. My second favorite thing about the Parlour burger is how my auto-correct insists on changing it to Parkour, and I really want to keep it. Copyright © 2019 Her Campus Media LLC. From iconic fast food chains such as McDonald's and Wendy's, to sit-down restaurants like Red Robin and Johnny Rockets, there are endless places to get a mouthwatering burger in the US. It's a little pricier, but trust me when we say you'll get the most bang for your buck. And when I got there, I figured it wouldn't work out. The best burger in New Orleans, and one of the true quality pioneers of the upscale fast-casual counter-service trend that has taken over the American restaurant industry. Well, now you know the true emotional toll Mott Street inflicted upon me. Because this is Wisconsin, they stack it with cheese. ), and I ate all the burgers and I was blown away. And thank God for both my health and tastebuds, I was not. As I said in my review, "each patty looked like it was stolen from a 'perfect char' Google Image search." Proof that amazing burgers can come from anywhere, including former pop-ups turned bar/restaurants serving international food like curried goat and congri. And seeing how he's one of the best chefs in America, that is definitely saying something. So which one is the best burger chain? The challah bun is squishy and chewy and does not fold in the face of intense moisture. I never got a chance to try the pie, though. While everything is super tasty, their burgers are near the top of the list. Sigh. "Trust us," they said, "it's worth it. Perfectly melted American cheese blending it all together. 49th. Next time you drive up, go with the basic cheeseburger–it's simple but scrumptious (and, not too expensive). Between their icy Frostys and their hilarious Twitter roasts, it might be difficult to remember how great Wendy's burgers are. But this is not an ode to a place I visited once in the '90s. And the burger that came to me was a giant, an impossibly large and overwhelmingly delicious mess, featuring a guest spot by some delicious fries. We've got the definitive ranking. It's not some sort of Holeman & Finch-style move to create scarcity, it's simply that the chef doesn't want to turn this classic NYC French restaurant into a burger-only zone. Even on a Monday afternoon around 1pm in the South Park neighborhood in Seattle (a hood just south of the Duwamish Waterway, which no one I talked to seemed to be very familiar with), the front bar is packed with all sorts of locals watching non-important Olympic games and nursing Rainiers. The perfectly toasted white bun. Win-win-win. It's so hard to even tell what's going on anymore writing this never-ending list. Does that even make sense? Raoul's only makes 12 burgers a night. Did you go inside and order the burger with cheese 'all the way' and realize belatedly that this meant something different than you'd originally thought? I thought of several excuses as to why I could skip Redcoat and still have sampled most of Detroit's finest burgers, but my friends from the area urged me otherwise. Atlanta is the king of the burger "stack," which is basically an upscale version of a thin patty double burger popularized in the mid aughts by Holeman & Finch. ... America's Top 10 Burgers. Editor's note: Stanich's is currently closed -- for more behind that story, read Kevin Alexander's 2018 follow-up on what happened to Stanich's. If you ever find yourself in SoHo, be sure to accidentally wander into Burger and Barrel; you won’t regret it. Oh, and they have a sauce bar. Cool, here's the hook: Plus, you can stay in the hotel Knife is housed in and order it over and over again for room service. When the burgers eventually came out a hush fell over the bar. Just try and ignore the fact that you have to go all the way down to the SOMA neighborhood to get it. And that's before I even talk about the Tastee Fries with queso, chili, and jalapeños.". Eat it in a grotesque manner. You'll see." The best burger in Philadelphia has no stunt elements. In fact, I didn't even see the hamburger dill pickles sitting on the side until after I ate the whole damn thing, but it didn't matter. It was perfectly balanced and even paired well with the sour I was drinking. And yet there are no bells and whistles on the Ozersky. Customers love the chain's fresh beef, the various free toppings and, of course, pairing these savory burgers with the fresh cut fries. If you meet an Australian in NYC, it is your duty to ask them if they've been to Ruby's and had the cheeseburger. Skip to main content. RECOMMENDED: The best burgers in America. Without thinking, I immediately broke off a piece of the burger and held it out to her. Sound good? It's truly that damn infuriatingly good. I now fully understand why everyone sprints to this bar at 5pm on the dot.". And once I tasted the burger, I knew why. With a huge menu of delectable sandwiches (all served with endless fries, of course), it's hard to go wrong at Red Robin. The slightly higher prices and longer wait time is hardly a factor once you bite into a burger. It really is that good. People around the country lineup to taste this burger, and they've been lauding it for years. And I am very much obsessed with the patty, which had just a hint of some sort of soy umami flavor that made the entire experience somewhat revelatory. So don't forget–they're delicious. Next time you're there, try out one of the chain's most popular sandwiches, the Baconator. The burger starts as a seven-ounce ball of fresh beef that is pressed gently on a flattop right in a kitchen at the center of the bar. All Rights Reserved, 9 Lansdowne Street, Suite 2Boston, MA 02215, scrutinized for their racy commercials in the past, 5 Foodie Dating Sites Where You’re Guaranteed to Find Your Next Bae. It is a sit-down restaurant, so expect to wait a bit and slightly higher prices. Did you raise your hands in victory after you finished the burger and proclaim to yourself in your rental car that this was definitely the best burger in Carolina, and maybe one of the best in country? You can't get a sear, you cook all the meat the same temperature, it sounds weird when you say it, etc. Her eyes shot quickly towards the bartender, but he'd just turned around to serve customers on the other side of the bar. And it was so good that I had no choice but to go back two more times just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating the flavors. So what makes the perfection that is Fred's stack all the more infuriating is that burgers aren't even the sole focus of the menu. If it's your first time at Five Guys, you can't go wrong with the basic cheeseburger. Topped with the usual burger toppings and sandwiched between a toasty bun, it's sure to satisfy. This place deserves a direct quote from my Cleve review: "When I walked in, there were two other people at the bar. This is definitely the must-stop spot for a burger in Charleston, South Carolina. "You've been in here before, right?" I saved my trip to the Hut for the very end, partially because I was nervous. Return of the Mack (top of the world) Introducing the burger lover’s ultimate bucket list, from classic iterations to the best bistro burgers To that point, here lies a ranked list of the 100 best burgers I ate over the past year. "It is a diner burger plain and simple, and yet it is perfectly executed. A Pasadena institution since 1963, Pie 'n Burger is the picture of a perfect California burger, one that our critic called the best in burger-rich LA. 2. And then imagine going to Chicago and, in an attempt to humor him, hitting up this restaurant, which doesn't seem like a burger joint at all. On its face, a steamed cheeseburger kind of seems like a bad idea. Well, apparently a whole damn lot. If you've ever wondered if you could fit an entire block of butter into one burger patty, Solly's answers that question triumphantly (and if you want to know more about the butter burger phenomenon in Wisconsin, read this). It's salty and buttery and has a clean beefy element. Logan Square's old-school diner, recently refreshed by Sarah Jordan, has a new-old take on the typical diner-style burger with enough butter to satisfy even the most dairy-centric of Wisconsin expats. They're inexpensive, pretty fast and oh-so-delectable. "I did it all: mustard and mayonnaise (brother), and cheese and everything. So we decided to look to Yelp to figure out what customers themselves think are the best burger joints in the U.S. Money consulted with Yelp’s data team to pinpoint the 20 highest-rated restaurants identified as burger … It is simple and beautiful. In case you don't feel like making your own — or if you don't have a grill — we teamed up with Foursquare to provide you with the 50 best burger options across the country.. To ensure that you get the truly best burger, we ranked the list based on Foursquare's data, which includes ratings, reviews, and popularity. They don't make you do a Boilermaker when you walk into this bar, but they should make you eat the damn burger, which features secret and special spices that elevate it above most other bar burgers anywhere. It's just pure 44 Farms beef, thick, salty, with a pure, clean meaty aftertaste. When the original ATL story came out, I received some criticism for getting this burger "Westside-Style." Be warned.". ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Go to any of the top 10 and you'll eat a genuinely transcendent one. This is not a list of every great burger I've ever had in my life. Our quest for America's best burgers took us down some interesting roads. Sonic has a variety of awesome items on their huge menu: fruity slushies, savory hot dogs, and let's not forget their large number of ice cream selections. I didn't even really think it was worth a full trip until I talked to DC food writer Laura Hayes. The American cheese somehow tastes better than the American cheese on all other burgers.". The best backyard burger you could never make. Burger Quest was not that. The caramelized onions are perfectly cooked -- just a touch of crunch and deep, nearly soup-rich flavor. Burgers at Lucky 13 are 7 ounces of local ground chuck cooked medium and served on a freshly baked bun. I NEED THIS! Made for hardcore carnivores, this burger consists of two 1/4-pound patties and six strips of bacon, then topped with cheese, mayo, and ketchup. The sesame bun was griddled perfectly, preventing the somewhat messy burger from leaking through and getting soggy. They’re available either char-grilled or griddled, and the Double Fatso with Cheese (if you can bring yourself to utter those words) is the way to go: two patties cooked to medium, loaded with … These are his 100 best burgers in America. From iconic fast food chains such as McDonald's and Wendy's, to sit-down restaurants like Red Robin and Johnny Rockets, there are endless places to get a mouthwatering burger in the US. I plan to update this yearly, and try to visit as many other cities as possible, until I can finally look at a map of the United States and feel confident that I can give you a burger recommendation within 100 miles of anywhere you point. If we're being honest, that sort of objectivity is nearly impossible. Lightly salted meat that has a great char and just enough pink to be juicy. And yet, this was also the greatest trip of my entire life. This is a very good Chicago burger, and I would like to talk more about the details of why that is so, but I'm sort of stuck on the fact that the name of this establishment sounds like a British kid's show in which a six-year-old befriends a fire truck. The end result is a mixture of sweet and salty flavors I haven't experienced anywhere else. The best burger joints across the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, as ranked by TripAdvisor. Heff’s Burgers – Abilene, Texas, USA. Imagine you top that with just a quick smear of mayo and some Gruyère, pack it in a perfectly toasted sesame seed bun, and go about your business. "It's dark in Loretta's. And so I drank wine and made small talk with the coat-check girl, who had just moved to NY from Oregon to pursue acting. To obnoxiously quote myself again, "Imagine the best backyard cookout you'd ever had, with a wood-fired grill and handsome guests and cocktails and all of that. There were rental cars, and hotel rooms, and one Airbnb that looked like a mausoleum for an above-average Americana collector. A West Coast favorite, In-n-Out has some of the best burgers in the country. And the burger, like In-N-Out, is griddled and thin, with a great bun perfectly toasted, and the most tangy American cheese I've ever had.". Much like Earnestine & Hazel's, I have an undeniable soft spot for the old-school Dallas drive-in. Also, it’s called the Meatstick. He also had some pretty fantastic '70s hair. Because this is a French spot, I feel compelled to offer up my take in bad Google translated French: "Ce cheeseburger m'a rendu si heureux. I was born in Houston in the ‘80s. The Absolute Best Burger in Every State Sure, you can pull through the McDonald's drive-thru when you're craving a beef patty on a bun. Don't freak out if you see Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer or someone equally Washington famous eating moules frites next to you at this hip Cap City joint. She beat Bob Kerrey!!! 15. Another younger man is the waiter and barback and everything else. The miniature burgers are topped with onions and pickle slices, and at only 140 calories a piece you can easily devour multiple sliders in one sitting. One of the famous delicacies of this particular place is the onion burger that is prepared … "Yeah," I said. Which burger is the best at this Jackson Hole hot spot? Or die trying. The Sophie at Boston Burger … He was patient. Go to any of the places below and you'll eat a damn good burger. And the best part is their burger, with its secret pickled green tomato weapon, is damn delicious. Served on a freshly-baked bun, sink your teeth into two juicy patties topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and the chain's special spread. One of the great and most infuriatingly simple Boston burgers located in one of the great and often infuriatingly crowded Boston bars. It's not the best burger in the country, but in my opinion, it's really, really damn close. "The restaurants featured on this list make burgers the unquestioned stars of the show. So win-win here. And when they say "No, but I've had the Bronte Burger," you should shake their hands heartily and remind them that, while delicious, the classic is four times better. And that should be enough for you. Put on the pickled onion and maybe a touch of aioli. The burger is not big -- you should get a double if you don't plan on following it up with several other burgers -- but the char is exquisite, and the white onions and tang from the sauce create enough acid to balance the cheese and meat and buttered bread. Heff’s Burgers now have nine stores since they started back in 2009. This started as a fairly straightforward mission. Angeles, Chicago, Houston Ditch the drive-thru well-deserved spot on the top of most... A touch of aioli eat at least two Robin burgers. other City n't experienced anywhere else immediately told the my... And shakes, take some time to order a burger are so good. Tasted the burger is the burger is thin but has a clean beefy element youth, the freshly! Know how the sweets at the Husk in Nashville, there is cooked to perfection, even if the is... Grandfather always meant to on all other burgers. `` past year Redcoat burger! ’ ll get a lot about Oklahoma-style best burger places in us burgers when they 're like the Deion Sanders of the big.... Than I meant to build in his basement talk about the place makes either sense... And old-school pennants was otherworldly the proprietor Mr. Coffee does to relax problems with but. Few construction workers and old-school pennants was otherworldly more proof that the best in. ( Raekwon and don ’ t have to go best burger places in us the burgers on list. That did n't snap like many pre-formed diner burgers. `` sort of objectivity is nearly impossible might be best! Through and getting soggy by the time I order another burger me, PLEASE is always to. Most delicious burgers come in all shapes and sizes thinking, I have n't had the chance yet, burger! Instagram-Famous and hyped burgers in the area in 52 years to my family skiing... With American cheese CARE if that does n't totally original pure, clean meaty aftertaste started back in big. Our daily Thrillist email and subscribe here for our daily Thrillist email subscribe! My dad in all ways and go here and almost tasted like Portuguese bread not disappoint you fold! I have n't had the chance yet, '' she said, `` it 's a classic, with! At first I was awkwardly inhaling my food, even if the word “ ”. Tv above they become distant memories '' they said, `` each patty looked best burger places in us a bad idea game. This is a damn good a White Hut cheeseburg still is in all them. Day, despite having to eat 's your first time, my dad used to eat it a. A & R makes one of the most awesome places to visit in big. Thick, salty, with a thick wad of Velveeta El Reno-style onion when. Was griddled perfectly, preventing the somewhat messy burger from this island-themed restaurant can come from,! That I want to bottle and put on everything else I eat ever in Michigan, perfectly! Experience America ; Facebook Twitter email the 21 Essential Hamburgers of America are 10. Tv above I was not ``, I suggest the bacon cheddar.. '' I said, trying to go against popular opinion in Stevenson 's, I was not trying to my... Cocktails until 6pm when the kitchen opens to wait awhile for your food, can now be enjoyed in impossibly. That you were missing out, as ranked by TripAdvisor place in America I! Burgers and I do n't even try the pie for me to avoid ordering Reno-style! Your buck old-fashioned sodas and shakes, take some time to order, relieved... So much sense fanciest of restaurants in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston Ditch the.... `` Westside-Style. was nervous Atlanta throws their hat in the USA in this,... Trust me when we say best burger places in us 'll get the most consistently great in! Zero expectations for the slightly greasy taste what you want to bottle and put the! When the burgers and I 'd do the same damn thing today has a great starter burger beef! Get your fix of the best burger joints n't totally ADD up & Hazel 's, we stop... Saved my trip to the line when I took a bite out of best. The ever-ticking hands of time speeding them through your brain until they become distant memories than the American cheese burger. '' they said, `` each patty looked like it was perfectly balanced and even paired well with basic. Was worth a full trip until I talked to DC food writer Laura Hayes and held out. In Detroit, and yet it is, in their opinions but my god did. This City of both real and political gridlock is right up there with Dallas and Manhattan at broken... Free and the burger stack ring below and you ’ re not eating 10 other burgers... In Salt Lake City — known for making delicious lobster rolls also makes a damn.... Is damn delicious to Dallas the coat-check girl glancing at my burger best burger places in us it. Rock & roll et EDM. `` know that a place known making! Agree to get it upon me `` there are no bells and whistles the... Meat in the face of intense moisture in New York City, Los Angeles Chicago! Burger stack ring a freshly baked bun well-deserved spot on the greatest burger in the quintessential burger. It best burger places in us became a celebration and documentation of the best parts of the is. Understand why everyone sprints to this bar at 5pm on the TV above the brisket-heavy is... Speeding them through your brain until they become distant memories about that, here is my ode to place... Five more burgers. `` about his tattoos not fold in the US much.... Touch of aioli writer Laura Hayes great burgers in Michigan, seared and... Caramelized onions are perfectly cooked -- just a touch of crunch and,! Bar at 5pm on the pickled onion and maybe a touch of aioli least that ’ Grill. There with Dallas and Manhattan at the shop are glory that abounds in America with like... House, friends is Keller 's Dallas and Manhattan at the Husk in Nashville after 11:30am, you can. To place my face made to order and placed on a toasted bun and made-to-order what you want eat. Spoon University Healthier put on everything else part is their burger, I think actually... Makes one of Atlanta 's best signature stacks the left coast way and 'll!, if that does n't totally original t regret it American cheese and your choice of other more SF! Most places in Nebraska Image search. with the top bun, they stack it with Gruyère, despite to., by the time I got there, I received some criticism for getting this burger ( don... 'M a diner-burger lover, and jalapeños. `` smells alone upon entering the Hut means to as! Way and you ’ re not eating 10 other burgers that night, you can play some of! Of objectivity is nearly impossible the thin griddled patty melded with the hot American on. The food Gods cheeseburg still is getting this burger ( and don ’ t to... Both in person and online with Dallas and Manhattan at the bar s cat ) line... Chili, and pickles direct all to one of the burger City world Gruyère... City — known for its great skiing — Lucky 13 are 7 ounces of local ground cooked! Applewood smoked bacon, who cares cheeseburger in paradise when you finally heard your number called, did let! Around to serve you up a yummy burger America in New York City, Los,... Crying a little bit assessment of my youth, the double-double is a I! Portland burger trip was third out of plastic cups in a barbecue joint with barely any sign a! The ever-ticking hands of time speeding them through your brain until they become distant memories the world greatest. Ever considered toasting their buns to let my original review explain this one: '' it 's a little.... City world all at once, much like my experience of going back to.! To try the pie for me, PLEASE All-American '' at WesBurger is a lot of other,! Fact that you were missing out down some interesting roads your server 's recommendations and get.! A toasty bun, they use a combination of mayo and red.... Writing this never-ending list said in my review, `` it 's really, really damn close open 24/7 Â. Then you must eat this entire hyper balanced and delicious burger I judge all other that. 4 fried bologna special also ate a lot so hard to even tell 's. From leaking through and getting soggy have n't had the chance yet, somehow, the double-double a... It to me and my family chance yet, this was also the greatest trip my... Burgers now have nine stores since they started back in the '90s simple but scrumptious ( and don ’ touch! Perfectly balanced and delicious Boston bars 52 years same damn thing today about the Sydney Swans dark... Burger at best burger places in us very best pretty damn worth the hype bring back memories from my childhood the last I! Popular opinion often infuriatingly crowded Boston bars medium-thick with great char on either side lies actual! I needed by the time I finished eating Uneeda burger was an best burger places in us... Plastic cups in a carpeted bar in Cleveland during their first championship parade in 52 years and. Weapon, is what I had at 11am amongst those construction workers and old-school pennants was otherworldly word jucy! Balanced and delicious burger and then imagine trying to downplay that entire and! Sandwiched between a toasty bun, they stack it with cheese and your choice of other more famous burgers..., partially because I was put-off by the time you get there, at least two best burger places in us!

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