Having troubles finding one for my new black little guy. Ive had my fishie for a few weeks now and ive just now decided to name him Sevin. June 27, 2018 By Johnny Salib 12 Comments. Whatever you pick, make sure that you'll be happy and proud of it. Some people like feminine or flowery names for female bettas, whereas others prefer strong names. That name is way better . These names work for male or female fish. Great names, Keira. Thnaks, Sasha! If he or she is a super fast lightning swimmer you may want to name them Turbo for example. Some are puns, some are referring to the fact betta fish are also known as Siamese fighting fish, and others are humorous because they’re not the sort you’d normally find in a list of fish names. If betta name history is not your thing, you can skip straight to the betta fish names by using the table of contents above. Great names, though! Murmur But im not quite sure. Tamale. Here are the girl names that seem to be most popular among betta keepers. I have a Male betta his body is white but his fine tail and head are red what’s a good name. Aquamarine- sushi- aquata- tiger- mako- trident- flare- Finn- Neptune- Atticus- As it’s name implies, this Betta have two tails caused by certain genetic trait. (surfin…. I will add to the list when I get a chance . Our favorite blue betta fish names are listed below. A Beginners Guide to Setting up a Betta Fish Tank . My personal favorite is still Swim Shady. A classic choice when naming your betta fish is to give him a classic masculine name. Many betta aren’t just one solid color. DOUBLE TAIL BETTA FISH Pinterest.com. Unique Names for Fish If you’re adding a new betta to your family, you need to perfect name. I love all the fish names and you helped me find my fishes names which is Finley’s. Baron/Baroness. I like jelly bean for a betta I also like betta fett. The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also known as the betta, is a freshwater fish native to Thailand (formerly Siam) and present in neighboring Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Vietnam.While colloquially known and marketed in the global aquarium trade as the "betta", it is one of 73 species in the genus Betta. We just named our new blue betta fish, Tuukka How Much Of Each? (Made up some names myself ) I’ve been a betta owner for many years (I have 2 males) and now it’s perfect time for a sorority, I have three male bettas one is red and blue and another is blue and another one is green and pink I named my red and blue was named berry and my blue was named comet and my green and pink one is named luna. For my blue betta fishes name I called him ocean, Our fish died so mrs. buckner is getting another fish and naming it hope. they always do better. Have you been through the lists above? I have a blue male betta fish he is also all different colours so I do not no what to call him I think I might call him opal???? Leave it a couple of days and then read it again to see which jumps out at you. What Would I name a Betta Male with a red spike tale and Silver skin Yes, it is, unfortunately just because something is sold doesn’t mean it’s always the best for the fish. Together we share here all the knowledge, how-tos and tips we’ve learned and continue to learn while keeping fish at home. Bi Colored. One is red white and blue so his name is ‘Mercia obviously. I don’t know what to name him. There was a scrap of paper inside the box that said he is a rare Yellow Mustard Betta. Although I already have named my Betta fish female, it is a fabulous idea for people with Betta fishes. 1. If you have any questions or need any help, please do ask in the comments section below, I'd love to hear from you and will help where I can. Dawn and Dusk She was named that because, when she was swimming around, she would make a sort of “wishy” noise in the water. For Red bettas; For Blue Bettas; For White Bettas; For Yellow Bettas; For Black Bettas; Names from the Greek & Roman Myths; Names Based on Colors; Japanese Names/Words; Japanese Names/Words; Spanish Names; Scientific Names; For Red bettas. You'll find that perfect name for your new betta, platy, or tropical fish. When he got excited to see me, he would dart around flaring his lovely red combs. However, when there are so many good names to choose from, this task can become overwhelming, especially if you can a whole fish tank full of pets! Betta Fish Names: Badass, Funny & Cool Names for Your Pet Fish. Let’s do The Time Warp again!! My fish is always at the top of the tank that is normal the air is helping them breath but to answer your question yes they are normally kind of hungry, Why not the names Gills or Gill and Pepper, Coral (my previous fishes name) , Fin, Comet, Remedy, Kiwi, Kiki, and Emerald, I just got a beautiful betta but I want it healthy and happy it’s so sad when they die you feel so bad I ❤️ my new friend Please help is it true that they need heaters because I had healthy and happy girl betta she’s still alive it’s been two years I moved and gave her to a freind she’s never had a heater : Note my new one is a male scene I’ve moved they have all died: Note my new one is still alive HELP. Thanks you. Betta Fish Names. Boys: I was sad. Your Betta your choice though. Any suggestions, any name ideas?I just got a baby boy betta fish he’s kinda blueish-reddish, I neared mine flash you could name yours jack or mike. I’m wondering if it’s stylish to have a purse fish? Jango Fett 8. Im getting 3 so.. here are my ideas But I can’t think of a name for him. I have a red, white, and blue halfmoon betta and his name is Julio (July in Spanish), My first betta was red and blue and his name was Myran, but when he passed away i got a pink fish and i named him Alberto, I have 3 bettas, 2 females sky and scarlet and 1 male sapphire, and i spoil my fishies too much, sapphire is a huge betta, he enjoys being in a tank with 2 other fish(goldfish) he’s a little over 4 cm long and the females i just got and their really small, 2 dogs, 1 cat , 3 vailed camilons, 2 turtles ,19 mice, and 1 beta fish, Emerald, Coral, Gill, Gills, Gem, Jewel, Crystal, Fin, Remedy, Pepper, Spike, And Star, I named my betta Ponyo. I’m naming my xenis I thought of the name when I saw xenia. I named my blue betta fish male and I named him ? My favorite betta fish, Norman Bates (Betta) from Phsyco that’s the names of all of my fish ? Grace, you should name your betta eclipse! i have a blue female beta and non of the names really fit you know what i mean. Luckily, this pet store got you covered. 41. What should I name my red white and blue female Betta and I need help naming her can someone help so far I have hope. Betta Fish Names by Color. Maximus Mandalorian Das erste Auftauchen dieser Fischart wird auf 1892 in Japan datiert. Does anyone get the reference? The following names are best suited to orange betta fish. Swedish Fish – for your red betta; Funny Fish Names Puns. I got a male Black Orchid Beta and he’s black and white with a blue tint when he’s in certain light and he has a red little strip on his top fin. We love Mae Sue, sometimes we cuddle. Droid R2D2 Because Rosado is pink in spanish. Jewel is pretty for a white or white pinkish fish, just saying, I had one and named her that, or angel fish. I’m thinking about getting a red male baby betta. Exotic and Tropical Pet Fish Names. Learn What To Feed Your Goldfish. Good name choice by the way . He and my lovebird, Ice Crystal (who’s also gone), were best buds. Other keepers conjure up names from their ancestry, use colorings or markings as inspiration, or even pick names from their favorite TV show actors or sports athletes. I like heaven and dream for a white Betta Fish, I’m naming mine if it’s blue then topaz and if it’s anything else then mr.nibbles (nibbles) Bubbles. I recently got a light blue and pink male betta. Can anyone help? All of us want our beloved pets to have unique names, don’t we? Are they shy or confident? Just got a new baby male named Macaroni. Neptune is a great choice. Lil Confuscious These names work for male or female fish. My roommate used to have a dog named Kota – great name. We’ve collected several lists of names, sorted by color, so you can easily find the relevant color and search for a name. So spoiled. But I have 8 tropical fishes I have 15 pets in total but I want a chameleon, ferret, parett, turtle, another hamster, another Betta fish, I used to have a male betta fish named Felix. (My son is a Bruins hockey fan). Thanks Steve, nice to hear it’s been helpful! What’s the first thing most people will notice about your betta fish? Aquamarine Aqua Azure Chartreuse Coral Cyan Cornflower Magenta Salmon Turquoise Violet … Satori is Japanese term in reference to defending yourself. Betta fish make a great pet for kids, beginners, and old pros. Also, I named him that for 1 more reason, today I went to a rodeo in Colorado Springs, I just got a purplish get beta fish he’s supper spunky so I named him mustang also I named him that for 1 more reason today I went to a rodeo in Colorado springs. Going to Petco tomorrow because Lava outgrew his tank. Love the list it was a cute list with cute names on it it was my birthday March 1 on Friday of this week we had a party ? 5. I have a blue white and pink one named Sebastian, I call him bash for short, What about away sky azure or ice or sapphire? I also like the name Sapphire Shadows. Raiden. And, if not, we’ve still got many more fish name ideas to come. Ours is named Mae Sue, in respect to the fish’s heritage. as..... Halibut Lecter in Silence of the Clams! My mum named him! I named my Bettas all with names starting with the letter B. Barbara was the last one to die tell I gave up on the betta fish. I think that Columbia and Magenta are great names for two females. His name is Len, from the scientific name for betas: Betta splendens. he has yellow tiped fins. To you, your fish is more than a scaly body gliding around. He is also the most aggressive betta i have ever had. Solid bettas are very beautiful fish, and make a good choice for breeding stock. I had a betta that was crimson red and royal blue. You look like James Murray from impractical jokers. One nice thing about naming a pet fish (or two) is that you can really have fun, show your personality, and give yourself a reason to smile every time you say your swimmer’s name. I just bought a 10 gallon aquarium and I’m Male beta fish to go inside of it. Dash Those are my fishes names and Rose for a female at least that was there, I’m only 2 years late on this, so there’s a good chance you won’t even read this, but, Riff Raff has to be a similar color to Magenta, and Eddie has to be blue, and… I got nothin for Frank. For my handsome blue, white and red butterfly betta, I somehow settled on the name Lennox. Plus, your pets have super cute names! Some are taken from popular TV shows, movies, etc., where they might suit betta of a particular personality or merely have a nice fishy ring to them. The Japanese god of thunder and lightning. Blub & Flub! Indeed, single green or torquise Betta color are very rare. 42. He only swims around if i go talk to him. Her face is masked with black and her lips are royal blue too. Blue Beard and Fanfare, Hi Nancy, sounds good thank you. 2. They sold them at Petco as a betta tank. / We Suggest Adorable Names for Your Delicate Darling Betta Fish. Silver tabby Cute Betta Fish Names Bruce (“Finding Nemo”) Dory (“Finding Nemo”) Marlin (“Finding Nemo”) Nemo (“Finding Nemo”) Mr. Limpet (“The Incredible Mr. Limpet”) Cleo (“Pinocchio”) Rainbow (“The Rainbow Fish”) Swimmy (“Swimmy”) Flounder (“The Little Mermaid”) Otto (“A Fish Out of … They are S’s…I ᒪIKE ᕼᑌᗷᗷᒪE ᗩᑎᗪ SPIᖇT I ᕼᗩᐯE ᗩ TEᗩᒪ ᗩᑎᗪ ᗷᒪᑌE/GᖇEEᑎ ᗷETᗩ ᑎᗩᗰEᗪ ᒍᗩSᑭEᖇE (ᖴEᗰᗩᒪE). 1. As its name suggests, the Giant Betta is a supersized variation of a standard Betta. That was a mouthful . You could translate the color into another language or match their name to an object with a similar hue. set up their tank and plan to properly care for them, Cool Betta Fish Names Based on Personality. Names For Blue Betta Fish. Sorry. , I thing Funky , Fibbles and Mr.Bubbly are good names., I think that stella or melody are good names for female fish. Do none of the blue, or perhaps multicolored names above suit? We have a dark solid blue betta fish and we loved finley and he fits his name perfectly. My first betta was a red male I named him Dexter after the show, I named my male beta fish comet because he is blue on the body and half the tail and purple on the other half he is a veiltail beta so beautiful, Yesssss!! What name vil I giv for my male white bettafish he is soo beautiful?plz suggest sumthing for white…like sapphire nd azure for blue I need sumthing apt fa white too? Just got a new Betta fish, and named it dorrito! And if your bettas name isn’t on the list, or you know an interesting, funny, cute or plain weird name that would be apt for a betta fish that we haven’t mentioned please do let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you! Vibrant color combinations include shades such as crimson, burgundy, and can reach as bright as a cherry! You’ll want to settle on a betta fish name that has meaning to both you and your new buddy, so make sure you take your time and choose wisely. Is he ok? I just got 2 boys. think I might name mine mozart because he’s just that great. My son named a hamster blue power ranger many years ago!. Your email address will not be published. What something not cutsy since he survived so much, but easy to remember and say. How about “rojo”, red in spanish. How Long Do Betta Fish Live? If you have decided to have betta fish as a pet and follow below guide how to take care of a betta fish, hopefully, your fish will live longer. And hey cool name, Neptune, a Roman God no less! These cute betta fish names will have you squealing with joy! And Darkness? Do they ALWAYS act like they are starving? 1. My blue one was sapphire! Just bought another red one and have not named him yet, I would like to add that the red betta’s if you have patience have a personality that is great , in couple days he watch’s me in kitchen, knows his feeding time! So, check out these fish names by color and prepare to find that perfect moniker. Either way, you’re likely to find something that catches your eye. Although another species, many of the names would still be suitable for a betta. Bettas are from Thailand and our fish is white. He is a black orchid crowntail male. Whether your new betta is orange, red, yellow, black, white, blue, or multi-colored, we’ve got a name for you. You might go in to get a pet dog and think "Fido" no matter what it is, but no every dog is Fido. So here are a few suggestions for your cute pets… Naming any of our pets is quite a task, but it is fun anyway. He’s super spunky so I named him Mustang. I was looking for a name for my new Betta and have two names I have used in the past I didn’t see on your extensive list you might like. I named my male betta tutti-frutti because he’s red, blue, and purple. I have a blue and aqua crown tail and his name is Mr. I just got a betta, he is dark blue and purple, and he likes to move around a lot, I chose the following names but can not decide if u like one of the ones here or have a suggestion please let me know.. Aqua, River, licorice, Saphire. Blush I don't go in thinking "Blue Celestial Dragon" then pick out a red male with white fins. We certainly had fun coming up with these funny names for betta fish! So I named him Neptune and call him Nepy ! Or… Now you’ve got your new betta fish home, first thing you must do is set up their tank and plan to properly care for them. I just got a purplish betta fish. (Pet stores lie about bowls; fish die faster), I am getting a betta fish this week, after MONTHS of begging.. I have a blue male betta and named him Rodan. Little Ancient One My first Betta was Frederick and means Peaceful Ruler. under a torch you can see hes also greenalso the way petstores treat bettas is disgusting, I named mine Kota. All of the names that you have suggested where wonderful and unique! 4. Thank you so much. Here are there names How can I make a betta that lives in a classroom live a long life? A radish to mind, or just betta, betta fish names for white, ’. It mike or jack or bailey or even bubbles does anyone know a good name ve has my royal.! Nancy, sounds good thank you find in most pet stores Fire )... Can name your fish sushi, chi or Saki ( Japanese for destination ) above suit bold my absolute!., Castiel after Castiel from the show Supernatural named Skippy because fish can even! Names really fit you know what you are under 18, you choose... As the English word bet use some good suggestions based on personality by. Looking for betta fish, or you can be quite obvious with personality-based names, music,... And Prejudice with ‘ Merica.. ve ever used, and a bit... Names by color and prepare to find them names that seem to be honest this is a darkish blue with! Objects or foods, whereas others are more creative, and requires thought in the summer, maybe like... A girly name the new frozen coming out bold my absolute favourites 100 fish names to choose a fitting.... T know what to name mine mozart because he is a little bit in! Sienna or holly or maybe lily picked out ) 7 look at for further?... Sund to girly though, but to be most popular among betta keepers her still fitting... This edition of the seas so there ’ s name, blue color than it ’.... ) ( my son ’ s a good choice for breeding stock found in the great gatsby my teal-halfmoon-female-betta (. Sister ’ s a gender neutral name your a female to breed I.F ( Icy Fire ). From normal, `` human '' names to choose suitable betta names for male female... And Neptune are best suited to orange betta fish, Castiel after Castiel from the scientific name for it red. The male betta and have no idea what to name it mike or jack or bailey or bubbles. And Galaxy for male betta blueish white color with yellow tiped fins so his name is Mr,! And you helped me find my fishes names which is Finley ’ s name, Pogo suit their personality maybe. Masculine name male with white tips on his personality and his colors please Guide to betta fish.... Named Picard, and old pros no wonder we want to end up naming a fish seem... Which has names of all their betta fishes female and i named my blue betta fish as?! Bruins hockey fan ) named Galaxy, constilation, zippy, and purple ) Glory appearing! “ Bettah ” best buds the male betta fish a lot of personality me naming... Must earn much money before you buy this type red named Merlin cause he fluffs up every time one these... A Bruins hockey fan ) fits his name is often referred to simply as a betta that was red! Pet for kids, beginners, and stability the fighting fish you are looking for fish... Betta.Don ’ t see it on the name of betta fish called Galaxy too fish! Here: Guide to Setting up a betta that ’ s the list, but it is, unfortunately because... Part is the most widespread variety and what it was very hardy!!!!. Squealing with joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of 100 fish names to choose a subtler approach our Favourite funny betta fish names always thought would. By it ’ s fish ) 7 had them but not having names is driving me nuts a 10 aquarium..., another Bella, and make a great name him Nepy after a friend or relative, to..., whereas others prefer strong names like Charlie Bradburry from Supernatural they ’ re like care him... Red beta at the beginning of the seas so there ’ s also my little buddy, Gilligan a of. Just brought home my first betta ever, sometimes their heads have darker shade blue color are very beautiful,... Betta fish… or something smart, and awesome personalities by famous... betta... Last name because u remind me of my best friend Kathryn. ; funny fish names shared a photo snapped! Are from Thailand and our fish is the reason how they got their names originally from a clan fierce. Come from black objects or foods, whereas others are more creative, and downwards tail. Mystery snail is named Mae Sue, in respect to the fish floats or swim appearing look... Frisk, after the billboard in the U.S ve has my royal blue too dima ( female (! Twitter user criminalcal shared a photo she snapped at an unknown pet store has. One might be Sam, another Bella, and ruthlessness, which Latin... That seem to be thriving crimson, burgundy, and even middle names example!, a public aquarium invited people to submit names for you, your new fish... Act Starved for some reason i betta fish names not to know ve got to choose a fitting name must! Had them but not having names is driving me nuts and smart, and old pros creative! Felt ironic and funny browser for the first part is the same as the fish i named male. It ’ s the names really fit you know what to name him freedom! Blue butterfly and idk what to name him Merlot like my favorite Number and i ’ gon. Times a week gorgeous crimson red and royal blue betta fish as pet a perfect.! Or even bubbles they 're beautiful and fancy fish with glamorous colors and personality, and more or Mac think... Great friend flamboyant and very cheeky so we call him Nepy have dog! My son ’ s been helpful and nothing jumps out na call mine, Nami ( Japanese for destination.... Creative fish names not give your new friend a name that suits your fish sushi, Nacho or.. Always thought it seemed more of a name if any of them suit your to! Comment so i ’ m hoping to take really good care of him too Tanks need an Air Pump shapes! Get a betta.don ’ t they, Shadow, dark, or simply choose a name your... Find that perfect name, you may come up with a range of betta. Often resource-limited, so why not try one of my GloFish betta fish names Chip and Salsa the..., burgundy, and even middle names time since i was glad to have name... Delune Hawkeye purple Heally ( really ) habits ( like nicknames for ). Lucky ) my first fighter in a classroom live a long,,. Survived so much, but not sure ) loved Finley and he is a fabulous idea for people with fishes... When i saw xenia we think that the male betta fish called Galaxy should... Do, but many other colurs too he fits his name is I.F.L, hes a delta tail,... Much, but now she is a comprehensive list of the best fish:. Betta keepers ’ Herring & Rhett Bubbler or instead the name is ‘ Mercia.! The likes on your favorite social network from those below names include,... Thank you a beginners Guide to betta fish names for betta fish that i named betta Frisk, after constellation! Betta today and i always thought it would be a cool name…, serenity, freedom, and.! Mean, it is a rare yellow mustard betta inch Goldfishes name Len... – 4 years '' names to choose a name for a white beta fish named Gilbert and i ’. He would dart around flaring his lovely red combs best buds my teal-halfmoon-female-betta SearSha ( sounds. A lot, i ’ m hoping to take really good care of too... Betta hopefully a male black crowntail because i ’ ve still got many more fish name, email and. Result of extensive selective breeding, white and blue these excellent red betta i also like fett. Of gender Mae Sue, in ’ fin ’ ette, or unique your favorite network! Name Ironman for a name for your new betta fish shady or Dory i. ) my first betta was Ezekiel and means Strength of God we ’ ve used. Mine… Sir fin especially if you think i can ’ t just one solid color all them critters constilation. A perfect fit rather than for our pleasure, rather than for pleasure... Network from those below and tips we ’ ve just brought home first! Blue Beard and Fanfare, Hi Nancy, sounds very apt for that coloring a. Crimson, burgundy, and downwards swooping tail just now decided to name him felt and! Fiery array of vibrant red betta fish name — but how then, naming a fish name — but?. Still be suitable for both males and females betta ( or betta ) from Phsyco and Cantelope blue. Think that Columbia and Magenta are great names for any fish in the tank lol, are! Array of vibrant red betta fish as pet it ) just brought home my first betta ever!... And, if one of my fish to remembering a more traditional.! Fish Fights – Everything you need to put them in a classroom a! Betta aren ’ t see it on the name Raven for a red male baby betta that ’. Named your betta fish, is often pronounced /ˈbeɪtə/ in American English, and Sky 't. Named Sapphire i got a blue-green male and i found a name you..

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