Isn't the color pretty?! Pink Velvet Banana. Nutritionally, plantains are similar to bananas. There is an increased flavor, especially sweetness. Yellow plus brown spots. Kevin Languedoc from Canada on February 29, 2012: Very cool hub. They are often grouped into two categories: those that people can immediately eat, sometimes called dessert bananas, and those that need to be cooked prior to eating and are higher in starch, called plantains.Again, the number and types that fall into these two groups … Here are 14 unique types of bananas. 2020 All Rights Reserved. These bananas are very small and stout. This red colored banana is being sold worldwide thou most of us (or some of us) barely see or notice it. Apparently, the fruit grows up to the size 15 to 20 cm and has the richest texture which isn’t found in any other variety of bananas. I don't even remember seeing this banana on the grocery store I usually go to. ireland on March 01, 2012: I have never seen as many colours of Bananas in my life. Interestingly enough, each banana coloration comes with its own set of health benefits. precy anza (author) from USA on March 02, 2012: I agree with you Thumbi7! Red bananas are a group of varieties of banana with reddish-purple skin. But I’m a nice guy and here I am. They can be roasted, steamed, fried into tasty chips, and otherwise used like any starchy vegetable. I'm always on the look for different colors of fruits and vegetables. Encourage families to taste test bananas … Bananas arrive at distributors’ facilities green and unripe. Also Read: Fancy Names Of Everyday Vegetables That Top Chefs Use. Ask families to find different varieties of bananas in local markets. This fruit is rich in potassium. * Bananas are grown for their fruits and as an ornamental plant. The green colored banana which still has a greenish hue when people consume it. So here they are, bananas in their colors aside from the usual yellow color that we all know. This fruit comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors that you can’t even imagine. Grass? Anyway, in Australia, this red banana is also known as red dacca bananas and is rich in C vitamin and carotene. Posted on May 27, 2013 by Shainbird. Bananas are edible fruits of the Berry family. Bananas also obtain higher levels of antioxidants as they ripen. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); These small and compact bananas are packed with some strong banana flavors. It has a sweet taste and is used widely in the dessert. That fruit is, the banana. As retailers often require 4 or 5 different colors of bananas, distributors mature them to the desired stages in ripening rooms by using the right dosage of ethylene and controlling the ripening time. Well done, it is interesting. In all, there are over 1,000 different types of bananas all around the world. Colors of Bananas. This color yellow bananas, or called Cavendish banana has originated from China and Vietnam. They are also softer and sweeter than the yellow Cavendish varieties, some with a slight raspberry flavor and others with an earthy one. Are you a banana plant enthusiast? And these colours appear when these varieties are ripe. Unripe or raw bananas also fall into this category and can be eaten when cooked. It can be at least 25 different shades, according to this artful swatchbook of versatile subjects. They come distinctively in squarish and angular shapes. Bananas are a type of edible fruit that grow in many tropical countries. Did You Read: Natural Foods That Are Rumored To Help Lose Weight. LOL. But strangely, they have a slightly acidic, apple-like flavor to its flesh when it reaches the ripe state. Bananas grow in clusters and hang from the plant, ready to be collected. :), Thank you :) They are. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Some bananas also have different colors. Featuring a yellow to orange color, they taste like... 3. Add to Likebox #55154344 - Blueberry smoothie in a glass on a rustic table. Kinds Of Bananas Red bananas. There are varieties that come in various shades of yellow - from bright yellow to more darker shades. If you have this banana in your yard, you will start seeing pink inflorescence flowers in a year which will soon turn into this beautiful colored pink fruits. Which ones are cooked? Yeah, a banana that tastes like sweet apple. Here are some of the best Types of Bananas you can have! Fancy Names Of Everyday Vegetables That Top Chefs Use, Natural Foods That Are Rumored To Help Lose Weight. It was just about wiped out by a fungal disease known as Panama disease, or banana wilt, in the 1950s, which is when growers turned to growing Cavendish bananas. They also contain more resistant starch. We have the 'cooking bananas,' which most people refer to as plantains, and then we have the 'desert bananas'- that's the normal banana you know. But the interesting thing about the fruit is that it has a taste similar to a sweet apple. Young readers will be amazed by the range of possibilitiesWhat color is a banana? Various fresh ripe apples in different colors close-up.. From bananas to eggplant, here are some of the foods that looked totally different before humans first started growing them for food. Those are the colors of Cavendish bananas. These little beauties are known for being extraordinarily sweet. So, yeah, you probably know the taste of it. Bananas are a popular, sweet fruit, but you may not know that they come in over 1,000 different varieties. This fuzzy banana measures 3 inches long and has seeds. The flesh is white and starchy and is ideal for cooking. There over 1,000 types of bananas in the world, many of them differing slightly in appearance, size, taste and use. These beautiful rich yellow colored bananas are small in size. USDA Zone: 4. Thai people love to eat bananas not only as a healthy snack right out of the peel, but have created a myriad of treats using this versatile staple. Similar Images . The fruit is medium in size which is fragrant in nature and the flesh is sweet and really delicious in taste.Â, Origin- West Indies and Central America. Dwarf Cavendish bananas are thin skinned. FordeAhern from Broadford, Co. It contains 8 percent starch and 91 percent sugar.The high glycemic index makes ripe bananas easy to digest.. Pros. I hate shopping and my wife knows it. Though, all of them still have the same weird shape that makes everyone giggle.. (can’t help it). Over here in Malaysia we have many varieties. Powered by But people say that its flesh is cream to light pink in color which is soft and sweet. They all have different flavors and appearances. And guess what? The color of banana that we are used of seeing into grocery stores, the yellow ones. Green or yellow?, my dilemma, as I stood before the bananas. Origin- Pacific islands, Pohnpei and the Federated States of Micronesia. Almost like sugar. Yellow, ripe bananas are easier to digest because the resistant starch changed to a simple sugar.

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