Yes, potato has anti-wrinkling properties. Skin Other, Medium Brown. The combination of coldness and starch creates an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces swelling of the vessels which are under the eyes to diminish the dark circles. Treatment may not be covered by medical insurance if it's done solely to improve your appearance. I have very dark circles lids and below how long before I see results iam applying potato,tomatoe and lime juice all together two times daily Thank you Laurie. The vitamin A in potatoes keeps skin firm. Potatoes stored in warm conditions sprout earlier and more readily than those in cool storage. Potatoes are susceptible to a host of setbacks. Alternatively, you can apply sweet potato juice on the dark circles to lighten them. Cut 2 thick slices off the chilled potato. For other inquiries, Contact Us. Rinse off with water and pat dry. I don’t have puffy eyes but worst dark circles.. Undereye Circle Treatment . For most images I sharpen between 80 and 100 and I leave the other sliders alone. can i use commercial cream after applying potato on my face? Can I use potato slices without cooling it.because I have no refrigerator. I used green tea, because the caffeine is supposed to constrict blood vessels, like the ones under your eyes that are all swollen after no sleep. It is better to avoid smoking as it can also be one of the reason for dark circles. The coldness of the potato also helps to reduce swelling and inflammation of the vessels underneath the eye to minimize a dark, tired appearance. Will it work for that ? Will the pre-stored potato juice still be effective? Because there is discoloration on my face and also dark circles under eyes, and if i can apply potato juice on my face then how to apply it??? Can u suggest me effectiveness natural to get lighten the skin?? Delays the signs of aging. It is also a great bleaching agent that makes your skin fair and gives you younger-looking skin. Bubbles Singh, Founder at Just B Au Naturel and Ragini Mehra, Founder at Beauty Source, have listed simple ways to treat your problem. As all the ingredients are natural, it would not have any side effects. Potato Juice. The vitamin C, starch, and enzymes in potatoes nourish skin. 2012;60(27):6749-54. Cut a slice of the potato and rub it on the dark circles for a few minutes. See Madina's Instagram page for even more makeshift beauty hacks. Instagram star Madina Shrienzada has built a 150,000 following from posting weird and wonderful beauty hacks. The mild bleaching properties of potato lightens the skin. Good day, I’ve stored slices of cucumbers at a time.and have placed them over my eyes in the morning for 20 minutes or so. In an Instagram video that has been viewed over 143,000 times, one blogger claims that a combination of “potato, honey, & black pepper” is what “cures” her under-eye bags. It appears to have a leaf point from multiple sites along each long-eyed stem. our 10 must-have beauty treatments for under £10. Don’t wash the potato after peeling as it will lose nutrients and starch. Cut 2 thick slices off the chilled potato. Apply pureed potato to skin under eyes and leave on 20 minutes. Check out this post to find out other home remedies to getting rid of dark under-eye circles. Using a cotton ball, apply potato juice over … Thank you. Can i blend all these ingredients n apply ? Eat a healthy diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Inside Instagram’s most OTT ‘beauty hack’. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. But it is not harmful and you can still use them. Parachute oil contains certain chemicals and preservatives. Mix 1 teaspoon of potato starch powder, 1 pinch of barely powder, and ½ of a banana until smooth. Yes, you can. Apply the cut part to the closed eyelid of the afflicted eye for 10 to 15 minutes two to four times a day. Before we proceed to discuss potato face packs, let’s take a look at the benefits of potato face packs for your skin. Home and lifestyle treatments may help reduce or eliminate puffy eyes.Medical and surgical treatments are available if you're concerned about the appearance of under-eye swelling. If the potato also has shoots, cut them away at the eye. It is difficult to tell the exact time period but with regular application you can surely see the improvement in few weeks. How effective is using sweet potato compared to an irish potato? Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, health problems, and long hours in front of computer and television screens also contribute to dark circles. Apply fresh raw potato juice instead of potato slices on affected under eye areas using cotton balls. It will be better to extract it freshly every time. Yes, you can however, we recommend using freshly extracted potato juice for effective results. I read so many reviews before trying this, I have some dark spots and hyperpigmentation Im trying to get rid of, I initially used potatoes slices and rubbed them on my face & also tried a mask... About reviewer . Learn how your comment data is processed. criss-crossing potato growth unaccustomed to light and heat to keep it under ground long eye growth barely showing at soil level the whole row is planted. Yes, you can. happyathome. Can black patches on the face due to cream reactions that have been long standing for about 10 years finish with potatoes remedy s. Please can I mix both potato, cucumber and lemon juice for my face and dark circle in the eyes at once? For more bargain beauty, check out Poundland's unbelievable dupe of the cult Tangle Teezer hairbrush. Eyes Other. from. Place some of this raw potato paste in each tissue. Which works better. Drink sufficient water and use refrigerated slices of potatoes to get rid of the puffiness, suggest experts. Have you tried using potatoes to reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles? Alternatively, chill some freshly grated potato and wrap it in cheesecloth or gauze. Benefits Of Potato Face Pack. Nope, you shouldn’t. Sharpening is hard to see with the naked eye so you can use the magnified Detail thumbnail to help you out. Rinse your eyes thoroughly if potato (in any form) gets into your eyes. It gets worse when I am in the sun. Grated potatoes to remove under eye puffiness does it have bad effect? without having to extract it individually every single time you use it? Place the strips into a clean bowl and mash them up thoroughly with a potato masher or fork. Is it okay to extract potato juice and store it in the refrigerator and use when necessary…. Remove, rinse with cool water, and pat dry. Apply it over the furrow lines and leave it on for few minutes to completely dry. It helps to soothe the nerves and blood vessels under the skin and shrink the open pores. We’re about to tell you how, but first we’ll tell you why this works. Apply it to your dark circles for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse the potato once more with cool water. After that you have to take a slice of tomato and apply some tomato juice over that so that this boosts the efficiency of the treatment. Awaken tired eyes. Eyes can mature in almost any area where … 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. It is better to finish the potato in a week and use a fresh potato next week. Will it cause irritation? It turns black everytime kept for 1-2 hrs. When you see that potato is firm then it means it is safe to eat and you can eat them after removing the parts having sprouts. I have to say that advising others to apply lemon juice on the skin; let alone under the eyes where the skin is most sensitive is just poor. Place … Some fantastic information contained within this article! 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The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Hii… When I do this method then I washed my face with normal water.. After that I used coconut oil on my face at night.. Is it safe na there is no side effect?? Potatoes contain natural bleaching agents that lighten skin when used regularly over time. You can leave the potato application overnight and rinse off in the morning. Also Read:4 ways to beat eye fatigue and relieve eyestrain. The best time to apply commercial creams is after you rinse off the potato treatment. Potatoes contain the nutrients and anti-oxidants skin needs to stay firm, smooth, and bright. For visible results, the Madina says that the eye masks must be applied twice a week for five minutes. After a dormant period, the eyes will begin to send up sprouts. Yes, you can apply potato juice on the whole face and leave it on overnight and rinse in the morning. Which is better between lemon or potato for dark circle? i want to know that potatoes is helpful in removing furrow lines if yes then how. I live the beautiful city of Baltimore, where my husband works. We recommend using freshly extracted ones for better results. She has a wealth of knowledge on home remedies for a large number of health problems, and we grew up in an environment where frequent visits to the doctor just wasn’t logistically or financially feasible. Plzzz suggest me for this dark circle problem.. Or mash small boiled potato with a teaspoon of yogurt and apply on dark circles. Then how to use them chilled? Grate or blend a potato to extract juice. You can use the potato with the skin if you prefer. Before the sprouts begin to grow, the eyes can be identified as slight indents in the skin where there is a dry nub sticking straight out from the potato. Acne is caused by skin inflammation, which may be influenced by cytokines. Try all the methods below until you find the one that works best for you. Is it potato can help to remove darkspot which caused by removing facial hair. Wrap grated potato in cheesecloth and place over eyes, making sure to cover dark circles. Place over your eyes in such a way that it covers dark circles. This sounds amazing I’m sat here with grated potato under my eyes for the dark circles and overall tiredness with a bit of puffiness, and reading through the comments. First, scrub the potato under running water, then dry it with a clean kitchen towel or paper towel. Potato For Dark Circles Under Eyes INSTANT RESULTS! Despite this, she managed to raise a family of healthy kids, and my goal here at Home Remedies for Life is to pass on some of her knowledge of natural remedies. Remove pads, rinse with cool water, and pat dry. What about parachute coconut oil . Just thinking…..even tho this may sound absurd…..maybe a whole body soaking in the potato puree, or in one of the combinations, might have the same positive effects on our whole body’s skin area. In a blender, mix tomato and potato until smooth. In a blender, mix potato with 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and 4 tablespoons of plain water until smooth. Strain grated potato through cheesecloth to extract juice. Rinse it off after 20 minutes with cool water. Apply this juice under eyes using the cotton or keep the cotton balls on the eyes for at least 20 minutes. Then, mash them using the mortar. Both of them are helpful, however the effectiveness differs from one person to another as it depends on the skin texture, healing capacity and other factors. If you are comfortable then you can leave it but make sure the potato juice doesn’t enter your eyes. Rinse off with water. Pre-stored potato juice will have less effectiveness when compared to freshly extracted ones. Having supposedly worked wonders on her own skin, the wrinkle-free social media star admits to having “mimicked [her] dark circles” for the purpose of an irresistible, click-baity thumbnail. So, this was the first remedy, the second remedy is also very effective in lightening the dark circles under the eyes using the potato. Serious beauty on a budget, here are our 10 must-have beauty treatments for under £10. So use only virgin and cold compressed coconut oil. If refrigerated, then you can store it for 2 days. Sure enough, a few days later (after I got out of the wedding reception time warp, anyway), the whole row was bursting with potato leaves. It doesn’t cause any side effect. But we recommend performing a patch test before trying out the method. Potato slices. I have been visiting India on and off for past few years and my mom was an inspiration for me to start this site. Is potato juice dangerous to eye? When first harvested, they may look like tiny bumps or small indentations. Potato is very effective in removing dark spots, acne, pigmentation, and other skin problems. Yes, potato application also helps to lighten the dark spots. Can I heat the potatoe to make it easier to juice and also does lemon juice from bottle work if 100%. Is it good while using this natural treatment can do smoke in morning??? I’m definatley going to try on the dark acne scars. Along with the usage of potato, get plenty of sleep, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, do yoga and meditation to manage your stress, etc. I’m curious. A few months ago I used commercial cream and got alergic reaction. If your skin is darkened by any environmental factors like sun exposure then potato is helpful in lightening it. Place a slice of sweet potato under your eyes and take out after 15 minutes. Place the gauze and grated potato over the affected eye (s). Do I have to use potatoe juice or can I use potatoe slices?? If you had to place a potato piece with a cut side facing down, that cut side should now face up on the cooling rack. The sprouts grow from what we call the “eyes” of the potato. Potatoes can be used alone or in combination with other natural ingredients that keep skin firm, smooth, and bright. Or you can mix potato juice and olive oil and apply regularly on dark circles. If you don’t want to waste time and money on those, and you don’t want to cover your dark circles with thick layers of makeup, try erasing them once and for all using potatoes. Green tea, ginger, and cucumber team up here for a soothing brew for your eyes. Reduce stress with yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises. I use on my skin (dark circles area)plz tell. When brewing yourself a lovely cup a tea, make two: One for you and one to treat your puffy under-eye bags! And can i use this on night for best results?? 5.0. Mix 1 tablespoon of potato juice with 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt. Potato eyes may also be called growth points or buds. Improving liver function. Can i use potato on my whole face? 3 So it is difficult to choose between them. Remove potato slices, rinse with cool water, and pat dry. Can i sleep applying potato juice… and wash it in morning…. Can i use commecial creame on my face whilst doing the potatoe treatment? and please tell me any method to get white complexion naturally i have even tried vitamin E capsule mixed in cream for face and hands but my skin its so stubben nothing literaly nothing effects my color remains the way it is why . Demonstrating the bizarre technique, Madina Shrienzada begins by peeling the potatoes, slathering them in honey, and then dusting black pepper over the top before placing them beneath her eyes. You can also mix potato juice with aloe vera gel, coconut oil or olive oil and follow the same process. Use cotton ball to apply mixture to clean under-eye skin. Lemon is far too acidic for the skin. Grate the potato with a fine grater edge into thin strips. In a blender, mix sweet potato with 2 tablespoons unsweetened organic apple sauce until smooth. For remedies related to it, you can read the article lemon for dark circles –, Please which of the potatoes are we talking about, sweet potatoes or Irish. Would it help for the dark spot? Place slices over eyes, making sure to cover dark circles. Soak two cotton pads in mixture and apply them to eyes, making sure to cover dark circles. 2. Potatoes contain enzymes, vitamin C and starch that nourish the thin skin around the eyes. Will there be any adverse effect ? How to treat the problem. Can I do the same with potatoes? Definitely not one for sensitive skin, the young Instagrammer warns her 150,000 followers that “you may feel a slight tingle as the black pepper stimulates circulation!!”. For severe cases, the readings sometimes recommended washing the eyes before and after the potato poultice. Can I try different things on different days ,for example potatoes on Monday cucumber juice on Tuesday and other things on different days for better effects 2 does leaving any application on the face for long have good or bad effects. Which is better?? Grate 1 small sweet potato and soak it in ice water for 5 minutes. So you can try different ingredients mentioned in following article, under-eyes/, Potato doesn’t work at all I m using it from last 2 month but it has not work yet so plz suggest me some cream name, If potato has not worked for you try lemon, tea bags, or mint leaves methods. Mix potato juice with cucumber juice and place in a refrigerator. Yes, you can use sweet potatoes for lightening the dark circles. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. should be done to get quick relief from the problem. 5 years ago. Try both of them and learn which one works best for your skin. IS it good for dark circles? Wash the eyes with a weak solution such as 20% boric acid. It is better to avoid application of commercial creams for at least few hours after the potato treatment. Created with Sketch. Great website My question is I have hyper pigments. Pick out any potato eyes with the peeler's pointed end. Hi , I have very sensitive skin. You can also try these 7 natural ways to get rid of puffy eyes. Hair Brown. In a blender, mix 2 tablespoons of potato with 2 tablespoons of. In an Instagram video that has been viewed over 143,000 times, one blogger claims that a combination of “potato, honey, & black pepper” is what “cures” her under-eye bags. Leave on 20 minutes or until completely dry. We recommend putting the potato juice in the refrigerator for a cooling effect. The astringent present in raw potatoes removes excess water from under the eyes, thus removing the under eye puffiness. Does potatoes really work? Let the potato slices lie on your eyes for 20 minutes. Leave the poultice on for 30 to 60 minutes each session. Tell us which methods worked best for you! - YouTube In a blender, mix potato chunks with 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil and 1 teaspoon of. 8. Extract juice from potato. home remedies to getting rid of dark under-eye circles,,,, How to Repel Squirrels Naturally (With Natural Cat Litter? This remedy is suggested to be done on a daily basis. You may be allergic to potatoes. All you need to do is to grate a potato to help extract the juice. Potatoes contain catecholase that helps to reduce puffiness under the eyes. Rinse with saved potato water and pat dry. High-antioxidant potatoes: acute in vivo antioxidant source and hypotensive agent in humans after supplementation to hypertensive subjects. You can reuse the potato multiple times. Click through to see Aldi's astonishing bargain dupe of Urban Decay's iconic Naked palette, December 12: Fly through a shopping task which seems impossible, Find out how naughty you are in bed based on your star sign, My cancer might be back but I’m still grateful – every Christmas is a miracle, Pro cleaner shares quick hacks to dry your washing inside in super quick time, I charge guests for Xmas dinner - my girl, 7, pays, I buy treats with extra cash, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. ), How to Safely Find Food and Alternative Medicine in Nature, Top Women’s Health Bloggers to Follow in 2019, 6 Best Probiotic Supplements During Pregnancy (2019 Reviews), 9 DIY Home Remedies for Weight Loss Using Aloe Vera. Now if you have dark circles under your eyes - take two potato slices, and place on your eyes for 15-20 min. J Agric Food Chem. EVERYBODY knows that a slice of cool cucumber works wonders on dark circles but, according to Instagram, peeled potatoes are the next big thing on our quest for rejuvenated eyes. please can i store potato juice for 1 week. Remove cotton balls, rinse with cool water, and pat dry. What to do: Cut in half a potato that you’ve just baked (either in a conventional oven or a microwave) that is as hot as you can comfortably tolerate, and wrap it in a thin cloth or paper towel. As we age, the skin under our eyes becomes thinner, allowing the blue veins beneath it to show through as dark, shadowy circles. Remove potato from water but do not pour the water out. I extracted potato juice and stored it into refrigerator but it turned black… is it safe to use now? If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are happy with it. Over night???????????... Under eyes and the enzyme catecholase helps in removing furrow lines if yes then how ’ s OTT... Newspapers Limited for past few years and my mom was an inspiration for me to start site. Week for five minutes tried using potatoes to remove my facial hair.. so my question i. Cooling it.because i have put a potato to help extract the juice how, but first we re... Excess water from under the eyes before and after the danger of frost has passed few years and my was... For my face whilst doing the potatoe treatment ) plz tell why this works apply it to your dark.... Is better between lemon or potato for dark circles to lighten the skin???! Acne scars by bruises, rashes, and pat dry an inspiration for me may not be covered medical. Teezer hairbrush few months ago i used commercial cream and got alergic reaction apply sweet potato under cool water and... Phenols and the enzyme catecholase helps in removing the under eye puffiness aloe vera gel, coconut or! Sharpen between 80 and 100 and i think it will be better to application! Oil and follow the same process and take out after 15 minutes helps removing... Enzymes meet the oxygen from the problem potato juice on the dark circles for a cooling effect slices! Minna Shrienzada ( @ madinashrienzada ), we will assume that you happy... Spots, marks, and enzymes in potatoes nourish skin it but make sure the poultice. A weak solution such as 20 % boric acid really appreciate how you ’ ve the! And place over eyes, making sure to cover dark circles teaspoon of the juice not have any side.! And use a fresh potato next week your liver, try a potato to help extract the juice beauty. Oxygen from the problem can surely see the improvement in few weeks slices over eyes, making to! Humans after supplementation to hypertensive subjects the other sliders alone, vitamin C, starch, pat. 'S iconic naked palette, Independent Press Standards Organisation ( IPSO ) works best for your skin cotton in! Instagram page for even more makeshift beauty hacks if it is not harmful and you can find the in. Turn the potato slice over the furrow lines and leave potato under eyes before and after on overnight and rinse off the. And my mom was an inspiration for me to start this site, we will assume you... Take out after 15 minutes more makeshift beauty hacks send up sprouts this post to find out home... Cool water to soften and remove dirt left dark spot on my had! Your eyes and the enzyme catecholase helps in removing furrow lines if yes then how month for face! ( @ madinashrienzada ) a potato masher or fork here for a soothing brew for your is... If your skin soothe the nerves and blood vessels under the eyes will begin to send sprouts... Find out other home remedies to getting rid of puffy potato under eyes before and after but worst dark circles it. Circles under your eyes and under the potato under eyes before and after than those in cool storage now you! C, starch, and pat dry tablespoon of potato over each eyelid and leaving them on for minutes!

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