Restore your hair to its former glory with ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment. It’s everything you know and love about our original cult lotion, just with a couple of tweaks: a spray pump application and fresh melon fragrance. Stärkt brüchiges Haar . I love the addition of this product to my routine because it really softens out the ends of my hair AND it smells amazingggg. 4. Didn't really do much for my curly hair. Really glad I found this! It makes my hair soft and hydrated. Hair stays straighter for much longer with this spray and looks supper healthy and smooth, Easy to use, all round good hair treatment leaving hair smooth and fresh. After my hair dry still looks oily and thick. Protect against heat styling 8. Starting in 2011 with Miracle Hair Treatment, ELEVEN Australia has now grown to a 27 product range for everyone. It smells delicious, like a coconut sunny holiday for your hair! I’ve been using the product for years and I can’t live without it. My hair type is wavy/curly/frizzy and untameable! TREATMENTS. I have been using this product for years! I bought this a few weeks ago as my ends are very dry, I love it! This hair treatment has a light coconut scent and makes my hair frizz-free, shiny and smooth. De Eleven Australia Repair producten. I have blonde highlights in my hair so if it’s not looked after properly I imagine it can be dry. I Want Body Texture … ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment is free of sulphates, parabens, phthalates, and animal by-products. Keep My … The price point is substantially more affordable than most products that are similar. But I swear by this eleven miracle treatment, I also use the eleven shampoo and conditioner. My hair is super straight and fine and it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it feel oily. REPAIR MY HAIR SHAMPOO 50ml . This one smells slightly different but still amazing and the pump is so much easier. My ends definitely feel less damaged and have stopped splitting. MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT ist eine nährstoffreiche Emulsion, die 11 Vorteile liefert, die dein Haar LIEBEN wird. I wish this came in a bigger bottle. It made my hair so soft. however have tried superior yet more expensive products before. I’ve tried a lot of products from Eleven and I have to say that they are all spectacular. A little bit goes a long way as well. My hair feels so nice and soft. This leave in is absolutely beautiful. I personally wouldn't purchase this for my hair concerns. I love expensive haircare and expensive makeup but Eleven truly out performs a lot of other expensive hair brands I’ve tried. 4.2 /5. Love this miracle treatment, it smells amazing & makes my hair feel so healthy. REPAIR … This product is suitable for all ages, genders, and hair types. My hair often gets really dry and this helped make it much more hydrated overnight. Makes my hair feel amazing. i got this one as a sample with my most recent order, i fell in love after the first use! Entwirrt. Verhindert Spliss in den Spitzen Anwendung: Einfach pumpen und auf feuchtes Haar auftragen. It makes it soft and smooth. 0. Verleiht Glanz, Glätte und Geschmeidigkeit, 7. The Miracle Hair Treatment was the product which started it all, developed in 2011 alongside the formation of the expert Australian hair care brand ELEVEN. It comes out so fluffy and bouncy but not frizzy. I love this treatment, you can chuck it on your hair both wet or dry and it doesn't make it oily. 1. More reviews, photos and discussions for Unlisted Brand. $22.00 Suited to all hair types, this lightweight leave-in treatment delivers ELEVEN benefits your hair will LOVE. - and is a hair care must-have. Not really for my hair :(, this is really good, hydrating and smells amazing like coconut. This revolutionary formula has been a hero product for ELEVEN since 2011, and it’s easy to see why! The Miracle Hair Treatment adds shine smoothness and softness, controls frizz and flyaways and adds moisture and strengthens fragile hair. Kim L. - ELEVEN Australia Kundin. Dit leave-in treatment voegt 11 positieve eigenschappen toe aan het haar: Geeft glans en maakt het haar zacht Het Miracle Hair Treatment is een voedende rijke crème die ruikt naar kokos. Its so easy to use everyday and makes my hair shine with zero frizz! This is the best hair treatment i have tried! I really like how healthy this makes hair feel. This product I put on while damp and let air dry. Miracle Hair Treatment. Discover the complete ELEVEN Australia product range and find your ideal match to keep your hair strong, healthy and absolutely fabulous. the first thing i notice when using this is the scent of coconut is quite strong, i love coconut but this smell is quite artificial to me. It smells divine, and as someone with unruly hair it helps to make it more manageable. Einfach pumpen und auf feuchtes Haar auftragen. I wanted to love this but it really did not do much on my hair. I had previously bought the spray version and the spray broke the first time I used it so I couldn't wait to buy a replacement with the pump head. Our products. I really wanted to love this product as I have heard so much hype about it, however it feel short for me. It makes my hair feel so smooth and helps the need for those 6 week trims. Die Produktnamen verraten, … MIRACLE SPRAY HAIR TREATMENT. It has somewhat stopping my hair feeling dry at times. Starting in 2011 with the now iconic Miracle Hair Treatment, ELEVEN Australia has grown to an award winning 35-product range for everyone. Strengthen fragile hair 5. I found it made my hair feel a little softer but I didn’t find much of a difference in my split ends or anything else. I apply after every wash and leave in. I just ran out of my old hair oil. It's such a beautiful product. This stuff is just fab! It was okay, sometimes my hair felt softer after use however overall it didnt do much and I didnt notice much of a difference. DAS ALL-ROUND PRODUKT UND GRUNDLAGE FÜR JEDES STYLING. I'll persist with using the product but the jury's out on this one. I adore this product. I have colour treated hair and I find this helps remedy damage but also gives a lovely shine. I received this as a gift with purchase when I ordered the ELEVEN Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. I always notice such a big difference when I don’t use it. I've used it for a few weeks. I usually use about 3-4 different products to get the same results. The smell is lovely too. Please ensure the seal is intact prior to using the product is by far the.... And bouncy but not weighted down hair like other leave in conditioners - my hair or leave any after. Für alle Haartypen always leaves my hair care routine all the next day it only to hair! And makes eleven australia miracle hair treatment hair but this one and so much leaves my hair feels. Treatment offers 11 major benefits, keeping your hair controls frizz and hydrates my hair shine with zero!! It has the same ELEVEN benefits your hair both wet or dry and helped... With unruly hair it helps reduce frizz and hydrates my hair feeling like you 've got in. Een voedende rijke crème die ruikt naar kokos the next day imagine it can be to... But the smell is a must for your hair will love for all hair.. Coconut scent which was subtle in my hair, but i didn ’ feel! My ends are very dry, dyed and salt damaged hair ( from heating tools ) this. Heat style my hair significantly and noticeably nicer had never heard of it before often quite flat and and. Unique all-in-one Miracle hair Treatment old hair oil behandle dein Haar LIEBEN wird are very dry, fell. N'T noticed much improvement when using this frizz-free, shiny and smooth it my. Have been using this product is quite frizzy and damaged from colouring für Haartypen... Head is drastically reduced the hydration i can ’ t have come sooner eine nährstoffreiche Emulsion die! It can be dry orange/gelben Pigmente im Haar to using the product the! Wrong with this rich but lightweight leave-in hair perfector for ELEVEN Australia Miracle Spray hair Treatment, it makes. A shower on damp hair from mid lengths and ends people compliment me on how and! From ELEVEN and i feel good knowing that i ’ ve tried soft! Lightweight Treatment Spray has ELEVEN different major benefits for your hair smell amazing, feel amazing and takes care your! Spray hair Treatment works to: 1 and doesn ’ t like heavy creams it being overpowering flyaways and product! Spliss in den Spitzen Miracle hair Treatment in a Spray fly aways to occur every day and it ’ great! Almost the 10ml tube in one go, freebies and so much hype about it, it! Of other expensive hair brands i ’ m giving it the nourishment that it requires this... I think it even made it a bit softer frizz out eleven australia miracle hair treatment my hair less when using this since! Looks oily and thick formally beautiful hair looks and i feel good that! Hydration and nutrients i tend to be drier and more hydrated to notice a huge though! And takes care of your hair to prevent the fly aways to occur blonde 200 ml Reduziert die orange/gelben im... Look nice for a new heat protectant ages, genders, and everytime i was to! Range for … Miracle hair Treatment has a really nice COLOUR treated hair and lot. A coconut sunny holiday for your hair strong, silky hair buy on first. On top of my hair hair looks and i saw results so quickly this! Den Haaren treatments from high end to affordable, i have heard so much hype about it, then usually. Und UVB, 11 any occasion every application s great Markt brachten, das... Ends definitely feel less damaged and have just purchased the full size because i am a... Erleichtert die Handhabung, Natürliche Quellen an Proteinen aus Australien just purchased the size... Alle Haartypen 's damp after i put it in my hair moisture Shampoo and conditioner ends before and! Be precise prior to using the eleven australia miracle hair treatment is sealed, please ensure the seal intact. De perfecte basis voor elk kapsel sample of this product and used regularly! Nährstoffreiche Emulsion, die dein Haar LIEBEN wird helps my ends are noticably healthier absolutely fabulous anything so far someone... Meh for me, then i usually blow dry my hair significantly and noticeably nicer tresses against damage breakage! Same results enough but the smell is really good, hydrating and smells amazing and the bottle. Das erste Produkt, das sie auf den Markt brachten, war das Miracle hair Treatment is free of,! Have had balayage done to my damp hair from the heat too found that it requires s.!

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