“Hubei in 2020 is both surreal and difficult.”. Torrential rains have caused water levels at China's massive Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River to rise to record levels, news reports say. Rainfall is now expected to move northward and the Huai River and other rivers in the north are expected to experience large-scale floods in certain areas, vice-minister of water resource, Ye Jianchun, said Monday, July 13. Mainland PR Average Rainfall (inches) PR/USVI Average Rainfall (inches) and Percent of Normal Decade 1940-1949 1950-1959 1960-1969 1970-1979 1980-1989 1990-1999 2000-2009 2010-2019 2020-2029 This year's national average rainfall of 616 mm (24 inches) is 13% more than the same period in 2019, setting the record for second-highest since 1961. - Record rainfall - Concern was now shifting downstream to Poyang Lake, which drains into the Yangtze in hard-hit Jiangxi province and is the largest freshwater lake fully within China's borders. The climate here is mild, and generally warm and temperate. All other mosaics are now updated hourly, including the 48h and 72h maps. Today's weather is turning out to be overcast. The tourist town of Yangshuo experienced a cloudburst that an official called a once-in-two-centuries event. This year's national average rainfall of 616 mm (24 inches) is 13% more than the same period in 2019, setting the record for second-highest since 1961. Arunachal Pradesh, Assam on alert as China’s Tsangpo river swells after heavy rainfall, Centre calls 3 cops responsible for Nadda's security back on central deputation from Bengal, 11 workers hospitalised after massive explosion in Hyderabad chemical factory, Pawar's detractors in Congress conspired twice to deny him PM's chair: Patel, Security stepped up at Delhi borders as farmers' protests intensify, Taapsee Pannu's home makeover boasts of a bicycle, wall art, Diljit Dosanjh responds to ‘Diljit Kitthe Aa' trending on Twitter, Hogg takes a shot at India's batting, Jaffer comes up with epic reply, Dirty Picture actor Arya Banerjee found dead, she was 33. Average precipitation (rainfall, snow) in millimeter per month in Beijing (Beijing Area), China displayed in a beautiful overview. More downpours are forecast for Saturday. Since the start of Asia’s summer monsoon season on June 1, 2020, excessive rainfall has pushed lakes and rivers to record high levels in China. Beijing, the famous capital of the People's Republic of China, has a continental climate classified under the Köppen climatic classification as Dwa.Influenced by the monsoon winds, Beijing experiences hot, humid summers and cold, dry, and windy winters. China has seen 21 large-scale floods in 2020, 1.6 times more than that of past years, hitting a record since 1998. The climate here is classified as Cfa by the Köppen-Geiger system. The rainfall maps show total monthly rainfall in millimeters as recorded by NASA’s Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite, which is a joint mission between NASA and the Japanese Space Agency. The sun shines all year round, and in spring, particularly, it gets warm and dry, and it is sunny with minimal precipitation in autumn. Floodwaters surrounding a village in the Guangxi region of southern China, in a photo released last month by Xinhua, a state-run news agency. Weeks of abnormally intense rains have wrought destruction across southern China, leaving at least 106 people dead or missing and affecting 15 million residents in the worst flooding that parts of the region have seen in decades. High rain totals are represented in dark blue, while small rainfall totals are shown in white. The month with the least rainfall in Wuhan, China, is December when the rain falls for 6.6 days and typically collects 26mm (1") of precipitation. The China Meteorological Administration (CMA) posted a “yellow alarm” notice on June 28, second out of the four-level warning system. Live: Heavy rainfall warning in N China. Rainfall in China is basically regular in every year. Indore, Record rainfall Concern was now shifting downstream to Poyang Lake, which drains into the Yangtze in hard-hit Jiangxi province and is the largest freshwater lake fully within China's borders. Severe Floods in China Leave Over 106 Dead or Missing. Late last month, rescuers smashed car windows to free passengers trapped by floodwater in Yichang, a city in Hubei down the Yangtze River from the Three Gorges Dam, one of the world’s largest. Lucknow, Heavy rainfall in southern China affects millions Al Jazeera English 6/10/2020. Experts are warning of potential landslides and bursts at reservoirs and dams. rights reserved. Guangzhou, for example, has an average of 276 mm of rainfall in June and 233 mm of rainfall in July. 3. Naval Weapons Center, China Lake rainfall forecast issued today at 7:05 pm. “It turned out to be floodwater coming in from the tube at the bottom of the pool. The rainfall in Guangzhou is significant, with precipitation even during the driest month. Many parts of China, from provinces as far apart as Sichuan in the southwest and Gansu, over 1,000km to the north, have seen heavy rainfall over … Copyright © HT Media Limited All Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Bhopal In places with heavy rainfalls, like Huoshaoliao in Taipei, the average annual rainfall can reach over 6,000 mm. Surely, they said, the confluence of a great plague and great floods should merit wider interest. In spatial distribution, rainfall is increasing from southeast to northwest, because the eastern seashores are more influenced by the summer monsoon than inland areas, which brings vapor and rainfall. Kolkata, Other cities - Noida, Distributing food to people affected by floods at a temporary shelter in Mianning County, in Sichuan Province, this week. Information about about rainfall, monsoons and temperature in each month in China. More downpours are forecast for Saturday. A video from one district showed brown water gushing out of an upper window of a residential building, like an artificial waterfall. China is experiencing an unusually intense flood season this year, with rainstorm alerts issued for 26 consecutive days in June, according to state news agency Xinhua. Continuous rainfall saw a waterfall created on a bridge in southern China today. In the inland Chinese city of Yichang, the murky water ran waist-high, stranding people in their cars and turning streets into canals. Breaking News. The far-south of present-day China, the northern parts of today's Vietnam, and the Tarim Basin were first reached and durably subdued by the Han dynasty's armies. Chen Tao, a senior forecaster with the China Meteorological Administration (CMA), said regions along the Yangtze could see as much as 400 mm of rainfall in the next three days. In Yangshuo, a popular travel destination known for its stunning mountain vistas, an official told the newsmagazine Southern Weekly that the area had experienced a once-in-two-centuries burst of heavy rain on June 7. Soldiers erected sandbag flood barriers in a city near China's largest freshwater lake after the heaviest rainfall in nearly six decades drenched the swollen Yangtze River basin. Hi/Low, RealFeel®, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the day, commute, and weekend! The tables below give yearly averages for rainfall plus snowfall at cities in China. It will be dry with no precipitation and cloud covering 92% of the sky, the humidity will be around 65%. Average precipitation (rainfall, snow) in millimeter per month in Qingdao (Shandong), China displayed in a beautiful overview. service@chinatravel.com; 86-773-286-5632 (Intl rates apply) 800-933-7181 (Free in USA & CA) Contact Us; China Tours. North part of the country greets its rainy season in July and August, says farewell in September; gradually in October the summer monsoons retreat from Chinese land. As cold air from the poles encounter warm moist air in the western Pacific, heavy rains are expected to hit # Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in North # China on Wednesday. China time now. Tomorrow. The highest rainfall is recorded in summer between June and September, and the rain gauge collects as high as 154.9mm (6.1") on average on the wettest days. It is reported by the local weather department that the heavy rain would continue. China's southern cities experience monsoon rainfall during summer (generally April through to September), with the amount of rainfall depending on the city you're visiting. Ranchi, This was the highest discharge of water in the past 50 years in Tsangpo, called Siang once it enters India, and joins with two other rivers downstream to form the Brahmaputra. Chen Tao, a senior forecaster with the China Meteorological Administration (CMA), said regions along the Yangtze could see as much as 400 mm [15.75 inches] of rainfall in the next three days. These monsoons are the main cause of rainfall. Residents in a flooded area were evacuated this week after heavy rain in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing. Summer (June to early September) is a hot period, with daytime temperatures of about 28+°C (92+°F) in most parts of China.Moreover, influenced by the monsoons from the ocean, it is generally a time for abundant rainfall, especially in the southeast coastal area.. Travel Advice. China time zone and map with current time in the largest cities. 14 hours ago - (Updated) Indonesia – Deadly Floods in North Sumatra and Aceh Provinces 2 days ago - USA – Record Rainfall Triggers Floods and Landslides in South East Alaska 3 days ago - Thailand – Over 300,000 Households Affected by Floods in Southern Provinces 3 days ago - Sri Lanka – Thousands Evacuate as Cyclone Burevi Makes Landfall With an average of 10.2h of daylight , December has the shortest days of the year in Wuhan, China. The Northern steppes were always the source of invasions into China, which culminated in the 13th century by Mongolian conquest of the whole China and creation of Mongolian Yuan dynasty. Summer is a peak season mainly due to the summer vacation of Chinese students. Gurgaon, Unusually intense rainfall has swept away buildings and ruined homes in southern China, affecting about 15 million residents. In Guangxi, in southwestern China, rainfall and temperatures were on average significantly higher in 1990-2018 compared with the previous 29 years, official data shows. More downpours are forecast for Saturday. Continuous rainfall saw a waterfall created on a bridge in southern China today. In China, most small reservoirs were built in the 1960s and ’70s and did not follow high construction standards, said Brandon Meng, a hydraulic engineer in the southern city of Shenzhen. The heaviest average rainfall to lash a swathe of southern and eastern China … Starting in April and May, the summer rainy season monsoons hit the southern provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hainan. Chennai, Mississippi's capital depletes ICU availability amid COVID-19 surge. Today's. After 31 consecutive days of official alerts about torrential rain, the inclement weather shows little sign of letting up. Autumn is the shortest season in Shanghai, China. And people there said the last thing they needed was another devastating jolt to their lives, their health and their livelihoods. # GlamorChina Mild rainfall is expected to reach south of Shaanxi province on Friday and Saturday after Xi’an, province’s capital city saw its first # snowfall on Monday, provoking excitement from citizens of the ancient capital. The visibility is going to be around 10 km i.e. Heavy rains this time of year often swell China’s rivers and cause its reservoirs to overflow. Vulnerable coastal areas of eastern China are being evacuated in anticipation of Typhoon Hagupit making landfall late Monday, Aug. 3, 2020, bringing gales and heavy rainfall at a … "China is about to enter a critical period of flood prevention and control in late July and early August," Ye Jianchun said. About 40,000 residents were evacuated, according to official news outlets. Data Update Cycle: The 1-hr mosaic is updated every 5 min (approx). Carnage in Vietnam: Typhoon Molave landslide leaves at least 10 dead TYPHOON MOLAVE has caused a devastating landslide in Vietnam with more than 10 locals dying in the heaviest storm in decades. Continuous rainfall saw a waterfall created on a bridge in southern China today. It means that rainfall has reached 50 millimeters (about 2 inches) or more for the past six hours. In central China's Hubei province, which accounted for more than 80% all of China coronavirus cases, historic levels of rainfall were recorded in … The Yangtze River is Asia’s longest, winding 6300 kilometers (3 As the rains were becoming intense last month, some commentators in China noted how little attention they were receiving, both in Chinese news outlets and on social media. Soon after, the murky water flooded out of the pool, quickly covered the yard and then flowed up the stairs.”. Near the metropolis of Chongqing, angry torrents of water swept away country roads. In June, the rains blow northward, and South China gets more rainfall with the poetic name, plum-rain weather, since this is the moment when plums mellow. In Pictures: Record rainfall in China causes major flooding Unpredictable weather has caused the worst floods in China in more than 30 years as … Rainfall tables - select location and period 1 Region State or Territory New South Wales Northern Territory South Australia Tasmania Queensland Victoria Western Australia 2 Area Catchment area Find the best time to go to Beijing (Beijing Area). A number of Chinese papers, including the latest annual report by the China Meteorological Administration, have noted an increase in the frequency of extreme rainfall in the past 60 years. These daily summaries provide a cumulative precipitation estimate from 1200GMT yesterday to 1200 GMT (daily) or 1200 GMT 7 days ago to 1200 GMT today (weekly). Metro cities - Delhi, Mumbai, China rainfall News - Find China rainfall latest News and Headlines today along with China rainfall Photos and Videos at HindustanTimes.com.

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