The coldest month is January, with the temperatures of -15 to -40 degrees Celsius (5…-40 degrees Fahrenheit). © Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “TV-Novosti”, 2005–2020. You can find gifts that are perfect for every age group without having to break the bank. ", В поисках холода . High & Low Weather Summary for the Past Weeks Temperature Humidity Pressure; High: 23 °F (Nov 22, 6:00 pm) 100% (Nov 23, 5:30 am) 30.74 "Hg (Nov 23, 5:30 am) Low-4 °F (Nov 28, 7:30 am) 62% (Nov 27, 2:00 pm) 29.98 "Hg … This area is the "Pole of Cold" of the Northern Hemisphere, in fact, it's colder than the North Pole, and it's surpassed only by the … The most recent came on June 20, when French meteorologist Etienne Kapikyan recorded a balmy +38ºС in Siberia… Last November, for example, temperatures dropped more than 50 degrees below 0°F. The most cold places are along the river, in the basin @cold_conquerors #coldconquerors #покорителихолода . Maximum temperature yesterday: 12 °F (at 7:30 pm) Minimum temperature yesterday: 0 °F (at 12:00 am) Average temperature yesterday: 7 °F. As The Washington Post reports, the heat has contributed to permafrost melt, a devastating oil spill, and a violent outbreak of wildfires. To put things in perspective, The Washington Post writes that … Verkhoyansk is 4,700km east of Moscow and is located on the Yana River in Yakutia. Temperatures in the small Siberian town of Verkhoyansk hit 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday, according to public-facing weather data. As a recurring feature, our team combs the web and shares some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. 8. WhatsApp. Pinterest . All rights reserved. That, also, of the greatest amplitude between its coldest temperature ever recorded - the - 67.8 ° C of February 1892 - and the hottest - that of last Saturday. Temperature records in Russia are now familiar news. The average temperature in the region reaches -25 degrees C during January making the people accustomed to the severe cold weather. Last month, Yakutsk - capital of Siberia's coldest republic, Sakha, also known as Yakutia, recorded its highest-ever 21 June temperature of 35C. Humidity: 72%. It is a town in Siberia where the hottest temperature to date has been recorded. ️ T°max de 38.0°C à #Verkhoyansk, #Sibérie orientale (67.55°N), ce 20 juin.Si cette valeur est correcte, ce serait non seulement un record absolu à la station (37.3°C, 25/07/1988) mais aussi la température la plus élevée jamais observée au nord du cercle polaire #arctique! The highest temperature ever recorded above the polar circle. Verkhoyansk is located at 67.5 degrees north latitude, whereas the … Subscribe to RT newsletter to get stories the mainstream media won’t tell you, Woke on steroids, Brexit breakthrough & Iran on brink of war: 2020 predictions from RT contributors, Oscars favorite ‘1917’ is touted as a stirring masterpiece about horrors of war. Make your last-minute shopping on Amazon even easier with deep discounts on Samsonite luggage, smart notebooks, Fitbits, and more. In winter, those living in Verkhoyansk often face days of below -50 degrees Celsius. Экспедиция "Покорители холода" замеряет температуру-50 . Mental Floss has affiliate relationships with certain retailers, including Amazon, and may receive a small percentage of any sale. Precipitation: 0.35". A shocking temperature has been reported in one of the coldest cities on the planet. “Between the two, there is a difference of 105.8 ° C, continues François Jobard. According to CBS News, it occurred in a small town called Verkhoyansk, which is located at 67.5°N—about 3000 miles east of Moscow—and is known for its frigid winter weather. #sakhalife #полюсхолода #холод #Якутия, A post shared by SakhaLife ( on Jan 20, 2020 at 4:49pm PST. Editor - June 24, 2020. The town also holds the Guinness world record for the greatest temperature range on Earth: 105.8 °C (= 190.4 °F). If climate change continues at its current pace, similar heatwaves will occur more often in this region. Here are some emergency supplies you should have on hand. Siberia’s recent heat wave has reached a new high—100.4°F, to be exact, pending verification from the World Meteorological Organization. Bombogenesis occurs when a non-tropical storm experiences at least a 24 millibar (the unit used to measure barometric pressure) drop within 24 hours. According to the service, last month was the warmest May on record globally and most above-average temperatures were recorded over parts of … Thermometers in Russian town Verkhoyansk showed 38 Celsius degrees. This website uses cookies. The temperature reading, if verified, would be the highest temperature recorded in the Arctic, as well as the northernmost 100-degree reading. It is unprecedented on a global scale. " The largest region of Russia, Yakutia is home to many different local ethnic groups. In the past decades, when the climate was colder, in this area of eastern Siberia, the average temperature in January was below -50 °C (-58 °F). Wind: 7 mph. Since January, the region has been running at … In the warmest summer month of July the temperature is +15 to +35 degrees Celsius (59…95 degrees Fahrenheit). Dew Point: 22 °F. A north-eastern Siberian town looks to have set a record for the highest temperature ever documented in the Arctic Circle. In Magadan, in the extreme east, three months of rain fell in a day and a half, with locals water skiing along highways. If confirmed, the temperature will be the hottest ever recorded in an area north of the Arctic Circle, whose latitude starts at 66.5°N. Twitter. It seems appropriate for a strong storm to have bomb in its name, but the word actually refers to a meteorological phenomenon and not the cyclone's explosive intensity. But we only get commission on items you buy and don’t return, so we’re only happy if you’re happy. In Fahrenheit, that’s between -90 and +98. If the current storm reaches bomb level, residents in inland New England can expect snowfalls of 1 to 3 inches per hour, whiteout conditions, power outages, and even thundersnow. Good luck deal hunting! While it can be colder than anywhere else in the northern hemisphere, it can also get quite hot. Mercury shot up to 32F (18C) above normal in the Siberian town of 1,000 people 100 Degrees + – Highest Ever Arctic Temps in Siberia. Siberia tends to experience large swings in temperature month-to-month and year-to-year. That would be a record for the highest temperature documented above the Arctic Circle. Siberia Temperature Yesterday. All Year Climate & Weather Averages in Siberia. The small town of Verkhoyansk, home to 1,000 people in Russia's Yakutia region, broke the record on Saturday for the highest temperature ever recorded within the Arctic Circle, hitting a maximum of 38 degrees Celsius. Western Siberia (from the mountains of the Urals to the Yenisey River) has a continental climate. High Temp: 75 °F. Siberia temperature hits record high amid Arctic heatwave . In other words, while Verkhoyansk may have hit 100°F over the weekend because of a heat dome, climate change is the bigger culprit. It has never been so hot behind the Arctic Circle. The record-shattering heat was shared far and wide on social media, most prominently by Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg. ESA warns COMETS may do far 'MORE DAMAGE' if they hit Earth, Bolton memoir bombshell: Trump thinks everything Macron touches ‘turns to s**t’, US conservatives pull no punches after Susan Rice says Trump & his allies belong on ‘trash heap of history’, US cop stays calm as protesters blow smoke in his face & give him middle finger (VIDEO). If verified, this is likely the hottest temperature ever recorded in Siberia and also the hottest temperature ever recorded north of the Arctic Circle, which begins at 66.5°N. Although some areas in Siberia can see hot summers, Verkhoyansk’s summer high temperatures usually reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Verkhoyansk does thaw out considerably during the summer months, but its June averages usually hover around 68°F, which is still considerably cooler than what residents have been experiencing for the last few days (and will continue to experience for a week or more). Verhojansk is a small Russian town in eastern Siberia known for its exceptionally cold winters. During the winter, the relatively warm air coming off the ocean and the cold air above land can collide to create a sharp drop in atmospheric pressure. Russian town of Verkhoyansk reaches 38C, in region known for exceptionally cold winters. Also known as a winter hurricane, this effect has produced some of the worst snowstorms to ever hit the U.S. Arctic sees highest temperature EVER at 38C as Siberian town of Verkhoyansk is hotter than Cancun Фото @natbelyakova #dailygrind of #deerfarmer / #meteorologist: today we fix around -50‘C. The average June high temperature in Verkhoyansk is just 68 degrees (20 Celsius). In 2014, Business Insider called it "the most miserable place on Earth. Traveling from Moscow, a trip to the town would take almost two days, involving multiple flights. But the strangely high thermometer readings aren’t limited to one town or one weather pattern. Low pressure makes for intense storms, so a bomb cyclone is a system that's built up a significant amount strength in a short time. It really isn’t, ‘Asian-American actors are ugly & your films make us look backward’: Hollywood sets movies in China, locals don’t want to watch, Another Nessie? This recent heat wave is the result of what meteorologists call a “heat dome,” which is when a ridge of high pressure in the atmosphere settles over an area and prevents hot air from rising and dispersing, instead forcing it back to the surface where it causes abnormally hot temperatures. This type of storm usually depends on the ocean or another large body of water for its power. But temperatures in the region have stayed well above average since 2019, which is unusual. The increasingly hot temperatures in the Arctic are partially the product of our burning fossil fuels, which releases greenhouse gases, trapping heat in the atmosphere. The temperature departures from average in Siberia this year are some of the highest of any area on Earth. If this is true, it is likely that the highest temperature ever recorded in Siberia, and also the highest temperature ever recorded north of the Arctic Circle, which begins at 66.5°N.The city is 3,000 km east of Moscow, and further north than Fairbanks, Alaska. The highest recorded temperature in Verkhoyansk is 37 °C (99 °F), so the difference between the two records exceeds 100 degrees Celsius! Read RT Privacy policy to find out more. Prior to today, temperatures in the small town have ranged between -68 and +37 degrees Celsius – a 105-degree difference. If … A "Pole of Cold" monument commemorating Verkhoyansk as one of the coldest places on Earth. Children play in the Krugloe lake outside Verkhoyansk, the Sakha Republic, about 4660 kilometers northeast of Moscow, Russia, Sunday, June 21, 2020. Siberia is experiencing record high temperatures that are nearly 40 degrees Fahrenheit above average. In July, the average high daily temperature is 19.9 degrees Celsius – much lower than Saturday's sweltering 38. Temperatures in the small Siberian town of Verkhoyansk — normally one of the coldest places on the planet — reached 100.4°F on Saturday, likely the hottest temperature ever recorded in Siberia and north of the Arctic Circle, CBS News reports. Siberia has some of the greatest seasonal temperature ranges in the world. According to The Denver Post, the bomb in bomb cyclone stands for bombogenesis. Verkhoyansk already held the record for the place with the greatest temperature range on Earth. By. It was just exactly 100-degree Fahrenheit when the figures were recorded. Inland areas of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts all fall in the path of a winter storm that could deliver the first major snow accumulations of the season. Here’s what caught our eye today, December 11. Facebook. Fishing trip footage appears to capture Canada’s legendary ‘60ft-long’ lake monster Ogopogo (VIDEO), Sick joke: Blogger arrested after brutal coronavirus prank on Moscow subway (VIDEO), Eskimo Pie brand owner vows to change ‘derogatory’ ice cream name for the sake of… racial equality, You thought asteroids were bad?

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