The Donor car; 2003 Outback ez30 H6 auto The Daily/Camping Car: 2012 Isuzu Dmax Dual Cab SX 4x4 auto. When you put the little ej205, with an upgraded turbo, and a slightly heavier frame, then you are looking at a car that is a bit "doggy" around town. There is an EZ36 with just those mods making 350 lb ft … The swap technically started in April, but I didn't finalize an ECU choice until the end of June or so, and the engine ran just yesterday. The Subaru started production of 3.0-liter six-cylinder boxer engine the EZ30 in 1999 instead of the EG33 motor. by ahrexwagon » Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:09 pm . This car became a sort of shop project car, and with the fact that there isn't much of a precedent set for this swap, it was a lot of figuring it out as we went. Re: Wrx coil over swap. I figure it would be best to get the 6 speed swap done before I tackle the ez30 swap. It was designed and intended for installation in heavy vehicles of Subaru brand (SUVs, etc.). The nice thing about an ej205 swap is simply because it's very well known territory. This engine might end up being a simple swap for someone with a 3.0R outback wagon/sedan or even the current tribecas, depending of course on how different the sensors/wiring/etc. I drive a brown 2004 WRX wagon with more modifications than a sane person should admit to. You could consider just opening up the EZ30 you have and doing a 6 speed swap. ahrexwagon Posts: 48 Joined: Sun Apr 12, 2015 7:47 am Location: Frankston VIC Car: 2002 BH Liberty Wagon ez30 - 5mt Real name: Jesse. I wanna get it done and proven before the ClubSUB track day in march so last weekend when a cheap manual BG came up for sale...i bought it. Top. Problem is they didnt make the H6 in manual form untill 2004...and my pockets definately cant stretch to a B-Spec BP/BL Well people i finally decided to do this! Exhaust, intake, and tune tends to open them up. This engine was put into production in 1999 and it is a successor of EG33. Cruise Control for DBW Cars - $200 Non DBW cars will reuse factory setup (cable-throttle vehicles include cruise control by default) Auto to Manual (As part of a merge) - $200 Cluster swap - $200 Subaru 5MT Shifter Bushing Pack $ 60.00. Subaru EZ30 3.0L Engine Review. Which reminds me. Related Products. The engine was developed entirely from scratch. Add in AVCS Bulkhead Wiring - $200 (Only for USDM 2.0 WRX harness, running 2001+ JDM STi) Price Includes iWire AVCS Wiring Kit and labor to install. are laid out. Fuck it, lets do it live. For trouble free fun I'd go EZ30/36 any day and make slightly less power. Mitsubishi Evo X Stage 3 Power Package w/ Oval-Tip Exhaust $ 2,650.00. If you are planning on running the stock turbo, the turbo lag on the ej205 isn't too bad in a stock wrx. Ford Focus ST Exhaust Hanger Kit $ 55.00. I have an 03 WRX and have done everything other than swap in a EJ257, and im at 13000, with an 08 STI 6speed, Coilovers, Boltons, VF39 ETc. So i am now also the proud owner of a 1994 BG twin turbo wagon. At that time it was flagman Subaru motor, its displacement was 3.0L, therefore they installed it only on the largest cars. and my power on the stock EJ205 is at 285 AWHP and 300 ftlbs of torque. Subaru EZ30 engine reliability, problems and repair.

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