At midpoint along the lake, a trail to Grinnell Glacier turns and climbs to the west. (Trail Difficulty - … The loop can be done in either direction. Lake Josephine Trail is accessed by a paved footpath from the upper Swiftcurrent boat dock and runs west to the foot of Lake Josephine where it continues around the north shore of the lake as a dirt trail. This is the Northeast section of the park, with the closest town being St Mary, Montana. Trails Other Unpaved Trail Unpaved County Trail. national park, lake josephine, trail, mountains, lake… Lake Josephine– Beaver Pond Loop: Riverfront Park is a hiking adventure located in or near Billings, WY. The trail ends at Booth Lake (6 miles one-way), which offers good fishing and even has an island. This trail starts at the boat dock on Swiftcurrent Lake where passengers load/unload from the Many Glacier Hotel.It briefly climbs up a roughly paved path through a pleasant forest for approximately a quarter of a mile before reaching the boat dock on the foot of Lake Josephine. Lake Josephine to Grinnell Glacier. Overview: Josephine Canyon Trail #133 is a relatively lesser traveled trail down the large, lush southern namesake canyon leading away from Josephine Saddle. Only one trail connects Lake Josephine to Grinnell Lake. Legend. Fishing: Pier/Shore Cary-in. Keep your eyes peeled for trickling waterfalls and … You’ll approach the beginning of the uphill portion of the trail from the east, then, instead of the west. After Swiftcurrent Lake, you hike past Lake Josephine and finally Grinnell Lake. Josephine Lake is an emerald stunner. The trail leaves the creek briefly only to come to the wide outlet of the lake. You can loop around Swiftcurrent Lake for a short hike, or circle Lake Josephine as well — or do a figure-8 around the two lakes. Photo about A spring view of a hiking trail along Lake Josephine at the base of Mount Gould in Many Glacier region of Glacier National Park, Montana, USA. At midpoint along the lake, a trail to Grinnell Glacier turns and climbs to the west. This trail is also a very popular mountain bike trail; keep an eye out for them. The 3.4 mile trip around Lake Josephine is a lovely stroll. That was way too crowded (and a much different experience than when I hiked Lake Valhalla this same weekend last year), so I left and headed back up toward Stevens Pass to the Lake Josephine trail. The last 5 miles on Highway 61 between Mount Josephine and the border are 5 of the most gorgeous miles anywhere. Groups in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness are limited to 12 people. Enjoy & research Billings, Wyoming with trail guides, topo maps, photos, reviews & GPS routes on Download preview. Choose a different trail for the hike back to Many Glacier Hotel. The lower trailhead is a little nondescript pull-out along a long, rough FSR in the middle of nowhere. From the parking area, the trail begins on a two-track road that runs parallel to CO 17. Outside the campground there is a horse use area. lake josephine is a little lake just west of swift currant lake.....if your at Many Glaicer hotel there are 2 ways to get there #1 take a hike from amny glacier just take the trail around the lake #2 take a boat ride and get off and walk a 5 minutes to alke josephine....JUST SIT ON A ROCK AND ENJOY THE VIEW<<

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