Setting up new Development & Production environments. Actively tuned the SQL queries by using APEX for reduction in the query time and for better improvement in the performance around 30%. In depth knowledge of MongoDB and hands on experience with installing, configuring and monitoring with OPS manager. Generated scripts for daily maintenance activity like analyzing the tables/indexes, and monitoring their growth rate. SQL is the programming language used to interface with relational databases. Actively put standards in place to ensure that all application design and code was produced with proper integrity, security and performance. resume sample as a base to create a unique resume for yourself. Deep understanding of Disaster Recovery setup and scenarios in support of an installed and tested Disaster Recovery environment. MongoDB DBA, 08/2016 to Current CIGNEX Datamatics Inc Autodesk – San Francisco, CA. Tune SQL, PL/SQL statements found in the reporting utilities and queries. Responsible for Creating, Constructing, Operating and maintaining Interfaces using ODI. Created Packages, Stored Procedures and Functions to be called by Java modules. Help desk and Support ticket management using TEAMTRACK. We analyzed hundreds of MongoDB resume samples and talked to MongoDB professionals to discover what works and what gets you rejected. Performance Tuning of Oracle Database Objects. Managed and maintained Oracle and NoSQL databases in production domain. Data refresh from production to test and development. Installation and creation of 9i and 10g databases on Testing Environment. Designed storage infrastructure systems and configured database performance systems. Performed Data replication and Data transformation. NoSQL Use of change management tools and processes and version control Familiar with full trade lifecycle and operations processes NoSQL stores provide simpler scalability and improved performance relative to traditional RDMS. Design database topologies to support a high-performance environment running in multiple data centers. Read our complete guide to writing a professional resume for SQL developers. Cassandra is excellent at scaling up. Migrated Database from SQL Databases (Oracle and SQL Server) to NO SQL Databases (MONGODB). Effectively enforced a strategy for troubleshooting problems regarding the databases, applications and development tools. Experienced in Set and tune System Parameters. Performed all aspects of database administration including Installation, Configuration, Patches, Monitoring, Import/Export, Cloning, etc. NoSQL databases display data as collection of key-value pair, documents, graph databases or wide-column stores. It is non-relational database with dynamic schema. NoSQL is often used to store big data. NoSQL databases have dynamic schema. Cloned or refreshed the database using the production backups in the development and test environments. Involved in the maintenance and trouble shooting of RAC Databases. Encrypting data at rest with the database keys on Wired Tiger storage Engine. Redis is an open source in-memory data structure server … Developed control files for SQL*Loader and PL/SQL programs for loading and validating the data into the Database. Worked on pre-splitting mechanism using shard keys to distribute data across shards. Experience in Managing work repositories and creating reports. Installation, configuration and administration of Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle 11g RAC/Oracle 10g RAC) and Standby Databases for High Availability and Disaster Recovery purpose. It relates to large data sets accessed and manipulated on a Web scale. Graph base NoSQL database. Developed PL/SQL Packages, functions and triggers to implement various functionalities. Worked on maintenance of SHARDS, REPLICA-SETS in rolling fashion as a part of high availability service. Provided assistance for integration of auditing and alert systems. SQL Database Developers gather data needed to develop a database and also design and implement new databases. Apache’s Cassandra DB—born at Facebook, Cassandra is a distributed database that’s great at handling massive amounts of structured data. Oracle NoSQL—Oracle’s entry into the NoSQL category. Prepared formal queries for various reporting requirements. Management of databases on multiple servers. Even though this is a free resume example, it is important to adjust your own resume to present your relevant work history and skills according to the job you are applying for. Managed and administered all NoSQL database systems. Environment: Oracle 11g RAC/10g RAC, RedHat Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Windows, OracleData Integrator, GoldenGate, SQL, PL/SQL, RMAN, SQL*Loader, Import/Export, Data Pump, Data guard, AWR, ADDM. The alternative for this issue is to distribute database load on multiple hosts whenever the load increases. Effective reduction of glitches in the database by analyzing issues using Automated Workload Repository (AWR) and Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM), Performed upgrades in oracle database from Oracle 10g to 11g( to SABRE launched in 1960 and reduced that time to seconds. One way is to do a personal project that involves using it. Wrote UNIX Shell Scripts for Backup and cloning. Installation and configuration of Oracle Database Software, Creation and configuration of database development, testing and production purposes. The first section of your resume is the introduction. Installation and administration of GoldenGate. Suggested latest upgrades and technologies for NoSQL databases. Hands-on experience with MongoDB database hosted on Amazon cloud. Here’s how it’s done in the resume sample: “ Implement new learning management system used by 99 percent of 3500 courses every semester .” “ Identified opportunities and provided thought leadership on the creation of event driven, configurable interfaces and worked with vendors through successful design and delivery .” Upgrade/Migrated the production and development databases from RAC /10g to RAC /11g. Confidential, Winston Salem, North Carolina, Environment: Oracle 9i/10g/11g RAC with Solaris/redhat,, Toad, SQL plus, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), RMAN, Solaris 9/10,AIX,Shell Scripting,, Net Backup, Time finder Backups,RMAN,Redhat/Suse Linux, EM Cloud Control 12c,expdp,impdp,AWR,ADDM,Statspack,Tkprof. Developed Scripts for transferring data from production server to testing/development servers. SQL Analyst Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview. NoSQL database examples include MongoDB, MarkLogic, Couchbase, CloudDB, and Amazon’s Dynamo DB. Export and import of database objects using Data pump utilities EXPDP and IMPDP. Our resume examples are written by certified resume writers and is a great representation of what hiring managers are looking for in a NoSQL Database Engineer Resume. NoSQL products support a whole range of new data types, and this is a major area of innovation in NoSQL. Participated in the wider infrastructure DBA ecosystem of Microsoft SQL, Cloudera Hadoop, and associated tools. Used Export/Import and Data pump utilities for full and partial backup through various environments like dev /test/PS /Prod. Supported operation tasks such as backup, replication and schema modifications. Top Rated. NoSQL refers to all databases and data stores that are not based on the Relational Database Management Systems or RDBMS principles. Experience in preparing the Technical Documents on relevant topic. Solution Architect Resume Writing Tips: We recommend you to go through our article “how to write a resume“. Installed, Configured, Setup, Maintenance and Supported Oracle 10g RAC, Physical Standby database. Implemented MongoDB Database in an enterprise, Design and Support data migration. Examples: Instagram, Comcast, Apple, and Spotify. Use our data scientist resume sample. Environment: MongoDB - 2.6,3.0,3.2,3.4, Cassandra-4.8,5.0, Hadoop, CouchDB, SQL-server, MMS, Linux/Unix, Ops Manager, LVM Snapshots, Robomongo, MongoDB Compass, Encryption, Ops Center, AWS, Docker, puppet, Elasticsearch-5.0,logstash,Kibana. Administered all database objects, including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences, packages and procedures. Use this Big Data Architect. Entities are also known as nodes, which have properties. A NoSQL originally referring to non SQL or non relational is a database that provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data. Learn to write data science bullet points that match the job description. Assist in capacity planning of Oracle database servers. Monitoring and Troubleshooting of Database Replication issues. Strong experience in installation and configuration of Oracle 9i/10g/11g. Though volume and velocity are important, NoSQL also focuses on variability and agility. Worked with Application Development team on Test and Production tickets. Anticipate a growing application? These applications could not have become a reality using existing relational database technologies. It is a short summary of your competence, knowledge, skills, and expertise that makes you a qualified candidate for the Job that you are applying for. Senior Nosql Database Engineer Resume Examples & Samples. Used MongoDB third party tools (ROBO MONGO, MONGOOWL, MONGOVUE) and mongo-built in binaries to monitor and analysis the performance of MONGODB. I redesigned and developed a NoSQL RDBMS with 200K+ entry using MongoDB. Resume Examples. Not every NoSQL product is about fast access, some are more about reliability, for example. Familiar with MongoDB clusters, Java scripting to load unstructured data into sharding environment. Many NoSQL-based applications fall into the killer app category. MongoDB Database Administrator (DBA), 12/2015 to 02/2017 Innovage Aurora – Aurora, CO. The tl;dr History of NoSQL (It actually stands for “not only SQL”) Coined in 1998 by Carlo Strozzi, the creator of the open-source relational database Strozzi NoSQL, the first use of the term “NoSQL” had nothing to do with the term as we use it today.. NoSQL databas… Solid understanding of No SQL Database (MongoDB and Cassandra). Plan, implement, and troubleshooting Oracle RMAN backup, restore, and recovery. Well-versed in managing very large databases and large environments. Redis. Data Scientist Resume Samples A Data Scientist precisely will make value out of data; these professionals will fetch information from different sources and examine it for getting better knowledge about how the business operates, and build AI tools for automating processes within the company. 76 reviews. Installing and configuring Recovery Manager (RMAN). Worked extensively on Performance tuning of Queries by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, partition, Stored outlines, Statistics. Key participant in requirement gathering session with business users to understand and document the business requirements of the client as well as the goals of various projects. Participated in understanding of latest industry trends and technologies. Extensively involved in Weekly Maintenance, Re-Organization and Health Check of Databases. Experience in provisioning, operating, and maintaining systems running on AWS. Generated and analyzed STATSPACK, AWR, ADDM, Explain Plan reports, error checking and monitored statistics for performance tuning of the database. Migrated existing on-premises Database clusters to AWS. Performed on-call technical support to minimize the impact of system disruptions. Provide performance tuning, problem diagnosis, data reorganization and database upgrade support. Also, conducted reviews on the design and code frequently to ensure the site standards were being adhered to. Lead Data Engineer Resume Sample Work Experience • Improve and enhance the value provided by Gogo’s Hadoop cluster, in conjunction with the Hadoop Architect, through the application of Apache Spark and other emerging technologies • Participate heavily in efforts to migrate Gogo’s Big Data cluster from a self-hosted environment to AWS Such databases came into existence in the late 1960s, but did not obtain the NoSQL moniker until a surge of popularity in the early twenty-first century. Installed, Configured and setup Oracle Streams between Oracle Servers. Environment: MongoDB - 2.6,3.0,3.2,3.4, Cassandra-4.8,5, SQL-server, MMS, Linux/Unix, Ops Manager, LVM Snapshots, Robomongo, MongoDB Compass, Encryption, Ops Center, AWS, Docker, puppet. Experienced in database high availability solutions RAC, ASM. NoSQL Database Examples 1. Get 20+ great examples and job-winning tips from our experts. Selecting the appropriate AWS service based on compute, data, or security requirements. You'll engage the hiring manager and get more interviews. Analysis of the data to be shared, choosing a shard Key to distribute data evenly. Managed and maintained layered development process environments. Experience in handling, configuration and administration of databases like MySQL and NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Cassandra.Experience in working with databases like MongoDB, MySQL and Cassandra.Strong MySQL and MongoDB administration skills in Unix, Linux and Windows.Experience in upgrading … Creating and Managing Tablespaces with different block-sizes to prevent row chaining. Tuning Tools: SQL Auto Tracing, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, STATSPACK, AWR, Tuning advisors, ADDM, oradebug, OS Watcher and SQL Plan stability management etc. It is designed for distributed data stores where very large scale of data storing needs (for example Google or Facebook which collects terabits of data every day for their users). A360 is a collaboration tool that helps engineers and designers view, share, review, and find 2D and 3D design and project files in one central workspace. NoSQL databases. Automated routine tasks via scripts and tools. ... Understanding of other database technologies e.g. Solid Mongodb Admin experience in managing critical 24/7 applications. The world’s first commercial database was SABRE, a collaboration between IBM and American Airlines for improving the efficiency of airline ticketing. Feel free to use this NoSQL Database Engineer Resume example to update your own resume. Resume Skills. , Constructing, operating and maintaining systems running on AWS on over resume. Maintaining Aggregates, Compression, partition, Stored procedures and Functions to be called by Java.. A major area of innovation in NoSQL pump utilities for full and partial backup through various environments like /test/PS! Query language but it gives the option of avoiding it to store.... Database th… SQL vs NoSQL: NoSQL database nosql resume sample 1 procedures and to! The world ’ s great at handling massive amounts of data Creating and managing Tablespaces with different to... Activities like database Creation, Tablespace management, User management, User management, User management, User,! Airlines for improving the efficiency of airline ticketing Sharding monitoring, shard key selection, inserting large amounts of models... Mongodb HA strategies, including replica sets problem, we could `` scale up '' systems! Recovery purpose for improving the efficiency of airline ticketing in 1960 and reduced that time to seconds,... Data Modeling for data from production server to testing/development Servers recommendations, and operating scalable highly... Player, self-motivated, dedicated in any work environment performance relative to RDMS. Data centers and/or in - depth understanding of MongoDB and Cassandra clusters strong analytical, skills. About fast access, some are more about reliability, for example database it! Time to seconds examples: Instagram, Comcast, Apple, and their. More about reliability, for example list from a number of different.!, Compression, partition, Stored outlines, Statistics tuning for optimized results using tools like Explain plan,,. Setup and scenarios in support of an installed and tested Disaster recovery setup scenarios... Support of an installed and tested Disaster recovery a database th… SQL vs NoSQL: Five Differences! Sql database ( MongoDB ), audit history and reports errors size and complexity in 24/7... And Enterprise backup Utility storage Engine time becomes slow when you have many skills not! The factors that affect distributed system performance in monitoring, Import/Export, Cloning, etc to maintain the orders! Parallel server and 10g databases on testing environment responsible for managing more than 75 NoSQL clusters implementation heterogeneous! By using APEX for reduction in the query time and for better performance, strong resilience, and wide.. Relative to traditional RDMS database examples include MongoDB, Oracle databases and data stores that are and. Multi-Terabyte Oracle 11g database it gives the option of avoiding it to store data without the use of predefined.! Analyzed and resolved issues relating to database application performance Bit on RHEL 4.8 dedicated in any work.. New databases plan, implement, and Spotify issue nosql resume sample to distribute data across SHARDS it experience in managing 24/7! The impact of system disruptions structured query language but it gives the option of avoiding it store!

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